Pest & Termite Control on Scotland Island – Our Guide

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Clean & Green Pest Managers has been servicing Scotland island and surrounding areas for many years. As locals of the northern beaches, we pride ourselves for having in-depth knowledge of the island and having utmost respect for its natural ecosystem.

Due to the isolation of the island and the houses being in close proximity with each other to many established termite nests, the properties here are more prone to termite attacks. This is mainly because the nests are often concealed with trees and stumps that are plentiful on the island. On top of that, many buildings were built without any termite protection in mind by using high risk materials and construction styles.

In addition, due to the high risk of termite attacks on the island, we recommend termite inspections to be conducted more frequently on the mainland, ideally every 3-6 months. This is because termites can work very quickly and before you know it, they have already caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Our experienced and qualified pest inspectors have tons of experience under their belt when it comes to termite control, termite eradication, and termite management. Fully qualified and insured, we are covered for Public Indemnity and Professional Indemnity, giving you complete peace of mind.

What is our termite inspection process?

Termite listening equipment

1. We have state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Sounding – a specialist technique to test the integrity of wood
  • Listening Equipment – detects termite movement
  • Moisture Meters – detects elevated moisture in wood which may indicate the presence of termites
  • Borescope – an invasive technique that can take pictures of active termites in timber
  • Thermal imaging – A noninvasive tool that can be used to detect heat and moisture cause my termite. 
Thermal Imaging

2. Our comprehensive report gives you essential information on:

  • Current termite activity
  • Evidence of previous termite damage
  • The conditions around your property that are conducive to termite attack
  • Evidence of a current termite protection system
  • Advice on how to minimise the likelihood of termite attack
  • How often you should have a termite inspection
  • The various options regarding an effective Termite Protection Program

White ant and termite treatment options

Unlike other companies, Clean & Green Pest Managers does not push one particular method or product when it comes to termite eradication. We assess each property individually to the best of our abilities and take into account any preferences you may have to arrive at a recommendation on the best termite treatment option for you and your unique needs. We offer a slew of solutions, including but not limited to the following:

Termite foaming
  • Termite baiting 
  • Termite dusting 
  • Termite foaming 
  • Termite monitoring 

* treated zones using environmentally friendly products

Don’t pay the island tax 

As locals, we understand that many companies try to take advantage of the isolation of the island by increasing their prices. At Clean and Green Pest Managers, we believe in fair competitive pricing as long as you can pick us up and return us. We pledge to offer the same prices as we would charge on the mainland. 

Along with termite inspections and treatment, we also offer a range of other pest management services. We believe in an environmentally friendly approach to pest control, which means complete sustainability of any ecosystem through management instead of obliteration. We also make sure to only use child-safe and pet-friendly pest control methods.

For more information about our pest management services, give our team a call on 0477688496.