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Our  trained and licensed pest controllers offer safe and sustainable non-toxic, green pest control services to Sydney residents for the treatment and eradication of household pests. An environmentally friendly approach to pest control means sustainability of any ecosystems through management not obliteration.  We use child-safe and pet friendly pest control methods.

Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who will provide the best service
possible. You can rest easy knowing that our technicians have years of quality industry
experience working with all kinds of pests including termites, cockroaches, rodents, spiders
and more and specialises in the latest green & natural pest control methods . No matter what type of pest you need removed from your property or how big the infestation
may be, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to get rid of them quickly and
effectively so they don’t come back again!

Residential Pest Control

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pest controller northern beaches reviews

“Excellent service. Very reasonable on price and extremely thorough. Also liked the fact that David took the time to answer my questions and concerns i had. Would highly recommend” 

–  James Kouts via Google.
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We are commitment to environmentally friendly green pest Control solutions

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of pests? That’s doesn’t have a negative impact on your surrounding environment.You can feel good about choosing Clean & Green Pest Managers. We’re committed to environmentally friendly pest control solutions that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Our technicians are trained in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which means we use the least toxic methods possible while still getting amazing results.

As a proudly Australian owned family business we are committed to the preservation of
Australia’s native wildlife and work and support local wildlife groups to ensure our pest
control solutions are safe for non-target animals such as predatory birds and our pollinators
such as bees.

When it comes to protecting your home from unwelcome guests, there’s no better choice
than Clean & Green Pest Managers! With many years of quality experience in pest
management services, our team has seen it all when it comes to keeping homes free from
bugs and rodents. Whether you need help with ants, roaches, termites or any other kind of
infestation – we have a solution that will work for you!

Complete pest control solutions in Sydney

Clean & Green Pest managers is fully licensed insured and provides all types of pest control
services including cockroach control, termite control and general commercial pest treatments. 

In addition to providing natural solutions with green technology and methods in
Sydney’s most prestigious areas for over a decade now!

We pose ourselves on being the industry leader when it comes down to safe environmental
sound methods by using only 100% environmentally conscious products and methods while also adhering to not harming our much loved planet and native wildlife in the process of removing pests from our clients property’s.

Residential Pest Control Sydney

Homeowners often find themselves in one of two situations: they either have a pest problem and need to get rid of it as soon as possible, or they want to prevent pests from ever entering their home. . At Clean & Green Pest Managers we offer
solutions for all types of pests including ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs and termites among many others.

Commercial Pest Control Sydney

If you have a commercial building, then it’s likely that you have to deal with pests. Pests are not just an annoyance but they can be harmful to your employees and customers. There are many different types of insects that could invade your business property such as cockroaches, ants, termites, bed bugs or rodents. Some people think if their business is clean that they don’t need pest control but this is not true at all! Pests will come in search of food and water which means the dirtier your building is the more likely there will be problems. Luckily for you we offer all aspects of commercial pest control services.

We service a range of commercial facilities such as:

  • Healthcare, retail premises, hotels, or restaurants, general offices, and daycare centers in the commercial category.
  • local and government councils, schools & universities, heritage places, and museums are in the government category
  • Farming and agricultural areas, food processing factories, facilities, and plants covering the entire manufacturing sector.

Strata Pest Control Sydney

Clean & Green Pest managers are trusted by strata managers, real estate agents and
committees across Sydney to manage all aspects of pest & termite control for their buildings.Our trained and licensed pest controllers offer safe and sustainable green pest control services for
the treatment and eradication of pests in strata buildings and on common property

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Specific pest control services

northern beaches cockroach control

Cockroach control Sydney

Cockroaches eat food that has not been properly stored and vomit back onto the food. To control, treat and eradicate cockroaches from your home or business we can do a full inspection and advise you want need to be done to reduce and eliminate the problem.

How we can assist with cockroach control and eradication »

ant control northern beaches

Ant control Sydney

Our technician will set up a program to control the ants in your property focusing on all the key harbourage areas including external pavers, retaining walls, cracks and crevices in window and door frames, internal skirting boards, and kitchens.

How we can assist with ant control and eradication »

bed bug control

Bed Bug control Sydney

When it comes to bedbug treatment it is a 50/50 effort we need the full effort of the property owner to make sure the treatment is a success. We specialise in commercial and domestic bed bug eradication and control using a variety of treatments and methods.

How we can assist with bed bug control and eradication »

tick control northern beaches

Tick control  Sydney

Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of humans and animals.  The most relevant tick in Australia is the paralysis tick which can cause lyme disease in humans and even kill pets.  There are several treatment methods to eradicate ticks and deter their return.

How we can assist with tick control and eradication »

flea control

Flea control  Sydney

We use pet friendly flea eradication methods that are safe for the human members of your family too. We may need to blanket spray all floor surfaces, carpets, rugs, sofas and under furniture. We also treat outside areas including patios.

How we can assist with flea control and eradication »

spider control northern beaches

Spider control Sydney

Our spider control service includes a complete eradication treatment of your entire property including outdoor areas, sub floor and roof void. We also advise what you can do to prevent children and pets encountering spiders and risking being bitten.

How we can assist with spider control and eradication »

termite inspections northern beaches

Termites & White Ant ControlSydney

We recommend all homeowners have a full termite inspection completed every 12 months. We use high tech equipment that detects the presence of termites and their movement. If termite activity is found, there are several treatment options available.

How we can assist with termite and white ant control and eradication »

wasp control

Wasps & Bee ControlSydney

Wasp nests made in or near houses, such as in roof spaces, can present a danger as the wasps may sting if people come close to them. Stings are usually painful rather than dangerous, but in rare cases people may suffer life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

How we can assist with wasp and bee control and eradication »

bird control northern beaches

Bird Control Sydney

Bird infestation can be a problem in suburban areas. To eradicate birds and prevent them from returning we first conduct a site inspection to determine the species and then come up with the most effective control option.

How we can assist with bird control and eradication »

rodent control northern beaches

Rats & Mice Sydney

Rodents like rats and mice spread disease and can cause extensive damage to property. Contact us about how we can quickly eradicate them from your home or business and deter them from returning.

How we can assist with rodent control and eradication »

possum removal northern beaches

Possum Removal Sydney

Although possums are native animals, people often consider them a pest and want them removed from their home or business. Our possum removal services follow strict guidelines put in place by NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service.

How we can assist with possum removal »

silverfish control services

Silverfish Sydney

Silverfish thrive in conditions of high humidity and can often be found in dark, damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. We offer several silverfish treatment methods depending upon the degree of infestation.

How we can assist with silverfish control and eradication »

Book a pest inspection or treatment : call 0477 688 496 or complete our enquiry form »

Termite and pest inspections Sydney

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new property, it is highly recommended you get a pest inspection before purchase.  It is also recommended property owners have a full termite inspection every 12 months. This way, if termites have gained entry to your home, they will be found and eradicated before too much damage occurs to the structure.  We do not push one particular method or product we access the particular situation at your property , take into account any preferences you may have then make a recommendation on the best termite treatment option.

More information about our termite and white ant control methods and pest inspections »

natural pest control northern beaches

Pest management Sydney

The Sydney is a high-risk pest area. If you aren’t proactive in the management of pests around the home, workplace or strata building, you risk losing the war against inserts, spiders and vermin. Our licensed pest controllers can carry out an inspection of your property and advise you of what methods we recommend be applied to win back control of pests. We will help you carry out effective protections and treatments to reduce their return in the future.

Green and natural pest control – children and pet friendly

green pest control

Clean & Green Pest Management is one of the few truly qualified pest control companies in New South Wales. We don’t just use brute force in pest management but prefer to apply sustainable scientific methods to prevent the pest infestations from recurring in your property. We are trusted by many businesses and homes due to our effective pest management and inspection services which are always guaranteed to deliver value to our customers. When you contract us, we will ensure that your property is pest-free and fully compliant. We will work on your premises with discretion and minimal disruptions.

More information about enviromentally friendly natural pest control services »


Our aim is for you to be completely satisfied with our service we strive to give you the best experience possible in terms of value for money, explanation and clear communication about how we plan to implement our services and pest control treatments.. If at any stage after your service you do not believe that we have fulfilled our promises to you, we ask that you contact us and let us know. If we cannot rectify the situation to your satisfaction you will receive your money back.


pest control northern beaches

Why choose us ? 

Professional pest management

We have local understanding, knowledge and expertise with common pests found on the Northern Beaches and Sydney Metropolitan area. We stay abreast of the latest pest management techniques, technologies and methodologies and as a result, we are able to effectively protect both your homebusinesses and stratapremises from all types of pests and vermin including cockroachesantsrodentsbed bugsfleastickssilverfishspiderstermiteswasps and bees.  We adhere to the highest level of quality and standards when it comes to auditing and preparing various pest reports on particular properties. We have quality services and the best professional ethics that you can trust when you are dealing with pest issues.

pest controller northern beaches reviews
Customer Testimonial
“Exceptional, professional and knowledgeable service. We had a pest inspection provided to us when we bought our house; but David went a lot further (literally!) crawling into spaces the other inspector obviously didn’t and wouldn’t go! He goes above and beyond to do the most thorough check. We now have peace of mind and look forward to our next inspection.” –  Elizabeth Wilson via Google. More Google reviews »

Pest control that’s safe for your family, pets and the environment

Clean & Green Pest Management is a family owned and operated company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Our licensed and trained pest controllers specialise in safe and sustainable green and natural pest control services. We believe that the sustainability of any ecosystem requires management not obliteration. As a pest control technicians, we respect this and operate using the latest scientific means for population control. We strive to give you the best experience possible in terms of value for money, explanation and clear communication about how we implement our services and treatments.

pest controller northern beaches reviews
Customer Testimonial
“Good price, great work, clean, quick with good communication. I have pets and David very accommodating. Can recommend by far using a local business rather than some of those larger franchises. Will use again.” –  Linda Petrone via Google. More Google reviews »

strata pest control northern beaches
Get expert pest protection for your property and business

New South Wales is a high-risk pest area. If you are not proactive with pest management, you are going to lose the war and see the value and appeal of your property diminish while creating an unhealthy living environment. That insight equips us with the knowledge which combined with our expertise in the industry will help you in carrying out effective protections and treatments including professional termite inspections, monitoring as well as high integrity  pest inspections for various kinds of properties. Our services are quick, responsive and professional.

pest controller northern beaches reviews
Customer Testimonial
“Good price, great work, clean, quick with good communication. I have pets and David very accommodating. Can recommend by far using a local business rather than some of those larger franchises. Will use again.” –  Linda Petrone via Google. More Google reviews »

Value you can count on

Clean & Green Pest Management is one of the few truly qualified pest control companies in Sydney . We don’t just use brute force in pest management. We apply sustainable scientific methods to prevent the pest infestations from recurring in your property. We are trusted by many businesses and homes due to our effective pest management and inspection services which are always guaranteed to deliver value to our customers. When you contract us, we will ensure that your property is pest-free and fully compliant. We will work on your premises with discretion and minimal disruptions. Contact us now for more information.

pest controller northern beaches reviews
“Excellent customer service, professional work & great communication. They have my repeat business.” –  C Crawford via Google. More Google reviews »

Benefits of our pest eradication services

pest controllers northern beaches
Fully qualified

All our technicians are fully trained and experience in all aspects of pest management from domestic, commercial and termite control. Our pest controllers hold a Certificate 3 and Timber Pest Qualified (Units 8 & 10) – the highest standard in the industry – so you have the confidence you’re in safe hands with your Clean and Green pest controller.

Unlike some larger companies, we don’t use inexperience trainees to treat your property or business all techs have at least 8 year industry experience.

Insured and responsible

We are fully insured General, Public Liability and Professional Identity Insurance. With up to 55% of the pest control industry uninsured (Statistics from Pacific International Insurance), why risk it?

When you enlist our ongoing pest management services you have the assurance that you’ll deal with the same service technician each time. They will know the history of your pest problems and layout of your business thereby limiting confusion, saving time and reducing costs.

Expert service

We are a family run and owned company that puts the customer and their needs first and will go the extra mile to make our customers happy. Our pest controllers pride themselves in being able to think outside the square when it comes to pest control and being able to solve any problems our customer throw at us no matter how unique they are.

natural pest control northern beaches

We extend flexible booking times and more availability then larger pest control companies. You will be notified by text and/or email once your job has been confirmed.  A text will be sent to your phone when our tech is on their way and will give you a exact time of arrival.

For our client’s convenience, we offer flexible payment options. Invoice will be given as soon as the job has been complete.

Detailed reporting

We will provide you with a detailed report after every service no matter how big or small.  Your report will detail areas treated, chemicals used plus advice and recommendations on how you can further prevent and reduce future pest inundation.

You will be put on our automatic reminder list and we will remind you the same time next year that your annual pest service is due.

Safe and environmentally friendly

We are committed to keeping your staff and premises safe. We only use the safest environmentally friendly chemicals on the market today.

pest controller northern beaches reviews
Customer Testimonial
“I had the family house sprayed . David was very personable and I was updated and well informed about the job plan and the job. I thought the price was reasonable and I would highly recommend. It is great to have a local business to use in future.” –  Genevieve B via Google. More Google reviews »

Frequently asked questions

Is pest control safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely, we use eco-friendly pest control products that are safe for family members and pets. We ensure our industry leading treatment preparations are safe and non-toxic as possible which allows for no impact to be had on your family or the environment. Our safe spray products and eco-friendly mindset are one of the many reasons why we are one of the best, environmentally conscious pest control companies in Sydney.

A licensed pest controller is more than simply a chemical user. To be qualified, they must complete an established curriculum that covers such topics as pest identification, breeding habits and biology. Their training gives them the knowledge and skills to use tried-and-true techniques to prevent pests from occurring and the prospects of future infestations.

As a starting point they inspect your house to look at any environmental factors triggering the infestation. They know how and where to check for breeding areas and entry points. Once they know the extent of the problem, they will help you select the most appropriate treatment.

Chemical treatments are used to eliminate pests and vermin, including ants. They will apply only the necessary quantity of chemicals in areas where they will be successful. The treatments are intended to have an immediate impact as well as long-term protection. Any chemical treatment must be authorized and registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)

Based on their experience and knowledge a pest controller will recommend what you should do to avoid or minimise further problems, for example blocking off access points or controlling moisture level.

Pest control is an effective way to prevent pests from infesting your home. A yearly inspection for termites and other vermin is typically the most effective approach to avoid pest infestation. More frequent treatments may be required depending on the type of pest and environment.

The cost of a sydney exterminator depends on the pest that has invaded your home and the level of infestation. This will vary significantly based on the sort of vermin and its severity. Most pest control businesses offer a standard pest treatment for a certain price, but make sure you understand exactly what you’re receiving for that money.

We utilize a mix of organic and conventional pesticides to eliminate pests. Although complete extermination might take several days, our treatments will significantly reduce the amount of insects. It’s not unusual for pests to relocate after a treatment is administered. Cockroach gels or baits, for example, are meant to entice them to move towards the bait.

It is recommended that your property is inspected as a minimum every 12 months and even more frequently if your property is in a high risk areas or you have conducive conditions such as moisture and or ventilation issues.

More information about our Northern Beaches pest control services

If you have any questions about removing wasps or bees from your home or business premises, contact the team at Clean and Green Pest Management for obligation free advice.  We are your local Sydney pest controllers specialising in both traditional and the green pest control methods that are safe for your family and pets. Our licensed pest controllers can advise you on the safest and most sustainable ways to control pests including cockroaches, ants, fleas, silverfish, fleas, rodents, spiders, ticks, wasps and bed bug eradication.  We can also assist with possum removal and bird control methods. We strive to give you the best experience possible in terms of value for money, explanation and clear communication about how we plan to implement our services and pest control treatments.  Click here for a pest removal quote or click the buttons below to get in touch.

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