Rat and Mouse Control and Eradication

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Northern Beaches rat and mice treatment services.

Evidence you may have a rat or mice infestation

Droppings : New rodent droppings are shiny and pliable and within 2-3 days become dull and hard. Mouse droppings are 3-6mm long and have pointed ends. Rat droppings are up to 12mm long and have blunted ends.

Rub Marks : These are greasy smear marks and they are caused when rodents rub their fur against vertical surfaces such as walls
Burrows Rat burrows are normally found next to waterways and buildings.

Sounds : Rats and Mice are normally heard at night and they include squeaking in the case of mice and clawing and gnawing in the case of rats.

Nest : A rodent nest is usually made of rags and paper and cardboard.

Gnawing : Rats gnaw to keep their incisors down and use wood, metal, conduit and cables in order to do this. When rats gnaw cables for instance this can expose bare wires and cause short circuits or fires.

Urine : Rats dot their environment with tiny drops of urine, called urine marking, or scent marking. Urine marking is a form of chemical communication. Urine is full of information about the rat who produced it: its species, sex, age, reproductive status, sexual availability, social status, individual identity, and current stress level, as well as the age of the scent mark itself.

Rodent treatment methods

Depending upon the degree of your rat or mouse infestation, we may employ one or several of the treatments listed below:

Baits : We will set up rodent bait stations at various strategic locations in and around the buildings. These rodent bait stations securely hold the bait within the station which means that secondary poisoning of non target animals are greatly reduced to almost zero.

Traps: We can set up specially designed traps where baits cannot be used.

Tracking Powders : Sometimes we may need to use rodent tracking powders and paste to apply to burrows and rub marks .

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