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pet safe pest control

Is professional pest control safe for my family and pets?

Child and pet safe pest control Sydney. Did you know that today’s newest pest control techniques are designed to attack targeted pests and not pets or children? With the latest in Integrated Pest Management advancements, pest control experts are now able to provide targeted applications to pest problems faced around the home or workplace that […]

diy pest control treatments

Why most DIY pest control treatments fail

Home pest control treatments – are they worth the effort? One of the main issues people encounter trying to fight pest infestation on their own is underestimating the scope of the problem. When you see one or two cockroaches around, you can also guarantee there are more hiding in obscure areas where you can’t find […]


Flea Control and Eradication

Northern Beaches flea treatment and eradication service. Our flea treatment methods First our licensed pest inspector will carry out an inspection of your property. A quick walk through the house should reveal the presence of fleas. We blanket spray all internal areas of your house including all rooms and areas your pets have access to. […]