Why most DIY pest control treatments fail

diy pest control treatments

Home pest control treatments – are they worth the effort?

One of the main issues people encounter trying to fight pest infestation on their own is underestimating the scope of the problem.

When you see one or two cockroaches around, you can also guarantee there are more hiding in obscure areas where you can’t find them such as under your house , in your roof or even in your walls.  The same is true for a host of other pests such silverfish, ants, spiders and  many other pest species.

Aside from the problem being bigger than they usually appears to be, the pests infesting your home are often a lot smarter than you give them credit especially social insects such as ants.

Insects and rodents over time have developed a sharp  sense of smell and general awareness to there surrounding which they use to navigate, organize, and communicate with each other they also learn from past experiences this is especially true with rodents that can learn to avoid traps and baits due to seeing other rodents fall victim to them

Why traps, baits and over-the-counter insecticides fail

This is why traps and baits and cheap over the counter insecticides often fail because they can detect them from a mile away will avoid them at all costs and you really need to think out of the box to get a result which requires a lot of time and patience and experience on pest behaviours.

Treating symptoms, not the problem

Another problem is treating symptoms, not problems. Even if you manage to get rid of cockroaches that you can see, or any other pests, they will probably come back because instead of treating the problem at its source which is usually in the roof cavity or sub floor spaces were the pest live and breed most over the counter treatments are used just around the internal and exterior perimeters and have no real effect on the pest populations as they don’t kill of the entire life cycle of the pests them self and it’s only a matter of time till they come back.

When buying pest control products from supermarkets or hardware stores they come with a label of exactly how the products are to be used these can be very confusing to people that do not have experience using these products before and can result in a poor performance also the majority of these products are significantly weaker then products available to professionals and thus don’t last as long also the costs of these DIY products are quite expensive so after buying a couple of these products and them failing to work it would of been cheaper to hire a professional in the first place which would also come with a guarantee or warranty.

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