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rats & mice control

How to Keep Rats & Mice Under Control for Health Safety

Rats and mice may be small, but they can cause lots of trouble. This is why they are considered pests by homeowners, property managers, and business owners. Not only do they cause structural damages, but they also cause food contamination and spread diseases among household members. With their presence and infestation, they can easily lead […]

Dealing with Rodent Infestations

Dealing With Rodent Infestations—What to Know

Rodent infestations have become a great problem in Australia throughout its history. From the mouse plagues introduced by European colonists along with the First Fleet in 1788 to the recent 2011 plague that affected Southern Queensland, through New South Wales, Western Victoria and South Australia—Australians have been dealing with the rodent infestation for a long […]

pet safe pest control

Is professional pest control safe for my family and pets?

Child and pet safe pest control Sydney. Did you know that today’s newest pest control techniques are designed to attack targeted pests and not pets or children? With the latest in Integrated Pest Management advancements, pest control experts are now able to provide targeted applications to pest problems faced around the home or workplace that […]

diy pest control treatments

Why most DIY pest control treatments fail

Home pest control treatments – are they worth the effort? One of the main issues people encounter trying to fight pest infestation on their own is underestimating the scope of the problem. When you see one or two cockroaches around, you can also guarantee there are more hiding in obscure areas where you can’t find […]