3 Common Pests That Can Be Found in Resorts and Hotels


When running a company in the hospitality sector, your guests expect that every nook and cranny of your hotel is pristine and spotlessly clean. The presence of any kind of pests will surely put a devastating blow to your reputation. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among resorts and hotels.

One of the many effective solutions to getting rid of pests is to familiarize yourself with the common ones found in hotels. This will help you determine what attracts them and the kind of damage they can do to your property. Afterwards, you can create a plan to control an infestation and implement preventive measures to ensure they are nowhere to be found within your premises.

1. Cockroaches and flies

Flies are attracted to food aromas, while cockroaches love decaying food and matter. They dwell on filth, which means they take germs and viruses with them that can cause serious diseases. Worse still, these insects multiply quickly over a short time, and they can easily enter your establishment through small openings or cracks.

A single fly hovering around your restaurant or a cockroach crawling on your wall can hurt your hotel’s image. To avoid fly and cockroach infestation in your hotel, train your cleaning crew to identify common infestation signs, use pesticides, and set up UV light and cockroach traps at strategic areas in your establishment, particularly in your kitchen.

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2. Rodents

Mice and rats are fairly easy to spot because they leave obvious proof of their existence. They make gnawing and squeaking sounds, particularly during nighttime when everybody else is fast asleep.

When your hotel management staff notice these signs, they should secure the food in your kitchen and hotel restaurant and seal off things that could lead in the vents, windows, screens, and fractures. Also, store all your food stocks in airtight containers to prevent rat and mice infestation and set up traps.

If you have bigger infestations, seek our child-friendly pest control in Sydney. Be aware of verified rodent sightings and activities removed before calling for an appointment.

3. Bed bugs

Bed bugs rely on humans for blood glucose. They are often found in bedrooms, blankets, cushions, furniture, and more. In addition, they usually lurk in cracks in walls, socket wall plates, and tables or seats close to the bed.

Some clear signs of a bed bug infestation are traces of bloodstains in bedsheets, black marks, and discarded bug skin. Identifying them is important for early detection and elimination. Seek advice from professionals to exterminate them since this involves a complicated process.


A pest infestation in your hotel can lead to bad reviews from disgruntled guests that can affect your sales negatively. By familiarizing yourself with the pests listed in this article and learning how you can get rid of them, you have better chances of making your establishment pest-free. Work only with professional pest controllers like us to minimize the risk of pest infestation in your place of business.

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