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The Types of Roaches That Plague Your Home

Know Your Enemy: The Types of Roaches That Plague Your Home

Homeowners that are meticulous about their property’s cleanliness will do whatever it takes to keep their place clean and spotless, eliminating any factors that could attract pests and germs. However, for homes that fail to maintain the upkeep of their space, they are at risk of becoming a breeding ground for cockroaches. Roaches tend to […]

summer cockroach ant plague

Ant and cockroach control during Winter and the cooler months

Eradicating and preventing ants and cockroach infestation in Winter. Why do we see such a increase in cockroach and ant infestation in Summer?  Before we start answering the question about why cockroach and ant populations rapidly increase during the summer months, let’s  first take look at what happens to cockroaches, ants and insects in general when […]

pet safe pest control

Is professional pest control safe for my family and pets?

Child and pet safe pest control Sydney. Did you know that today’s newest pest control techniques are designed to attack targeted pests and not pets or children? With the latest in Integrated Pest Management advancements, pest control experts are now able to provide targeted applications to pest problems faced around the home or workplace that […]

summer cockroach ant plague

Control, treatment and eradication of German cockroaches

How to get rid of German cockroaches. What are German cockroaches? German cockroaches are a species of cockroach found throughout the world. Unlike other species of cockroaches German cockroaches are smaller and found mostly indoors in tight small spaces directly near heat sources such as in and around dishwashers, ovens, hot water systems, microwaves and […]