3 Tips in Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Restaurant

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In the restaurant industry, a crucial saying that never loses its importance in determining if a restaurant’s actions make or break its chances of success is that the devil’s in the details. 

Out of all the seemingly-tiny details that can either uplift your establishment’s performance or completely drag it down, there’s one that you should always look out for: cockroach infestations.

The impact of such an infestation

With Australian health inspections becoming even more uptight and unforgiving, cockroach infestations have grown from minor inconveniences to full-blown death sentences for any restaurant.

Even though they’re a regular part of any country’s ecosystem, the presence of these dirty pests can mean disaster for any owner once a patron or inspector spots one of them. A single fly here and there or a few ants may be tolerable to a certain extent, but cockroach sightings are unforgivable to many because of how much bacteria and dirt they bring.

As more and more customers become particular about hygiene and expect no insects to pop up in the restaurant, it’s clear there’s no room for negligence when it comes to dealing with roaches.

Why do cockroaches love restaurants and how can you keep them out?

Similar to an average restaurant patron, cockroaches are attracted to spaces that have food, water, well-filled rooms, and shelter. This is primarily why restaurants are such a hot spot for them in the first place. Although it may seem like closing down your establishment is the only way to fight a roach infestation, the truth is that the situation is relatively easy to handle.

If you want to protect your establishment from cockroach infestations, here are three tips you should consider: 

1. Keep your establishment spot and scrap-free

Unlike your most staunch critic, cockroaches aren’t picky about what attracts them. This essentially means that a dirty spot packed with swept food scraps, leftover boxes, and spills are roach magnets. When it comes to keeping these unwanted critters out and preventing them from closing down your establishment amid growing Australian standards, it’s best to understand that prompt cleanliness is a non-negotiable!

2. Plug or cover up any openings or holes

The main reason most cockroaches end up making their way into even the most acclaimed of restaurants and eateries is that they can fit in even the tiniest of holes. If you’re looking for a lasting and effective way to prevent roaches from scurrying right into your establishment, then having a full inspection and plugging up any holes will do the trick!

3. Invest in quality pest control services

Among all the different ways that you can prevent cockroaches from entering and settling down in your property, none get the job done better than investing in professional help. With the help of an expert pest control expert in Australia—such as Clean and Green Pest—you’ll have the extra hands, expertise, and equipment to eliminate your roach-related worries for good. 


For any Australian restaurant, a cockroach infestation will always spell a significant amount of trouble even in its early stages because of growing cleanliness standards. By keeping the three tips mentioned above into mind, however, you’ll be able to conquer your pest-related problem and prevent these unwanted critters from entering!

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