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Why ticks are classified as a pest?

Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of humans and animals. There are more than 800 species of ticks around the world, with 70 found in Australia and 16 species have been reported as feeding on humans.

The most relevant tick in Australia is the Paralysis Tick, Ixodes holocyclus, and over 95% of tick bites in Eastern Australia are due to this species with Sydney’s northern beaches being one of the most at risk areas in the whole of Australia. A vast majority tick-borne illnesses are due to this species, such as tick paralysis, tick Typhus, allergic reactions and potentially lyme-like disease.

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How do ticks find their way onto your property?

Ticks feed on any warm-blooded vertebrate, including Birds, possums, rats, dogs, bandicoots, kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, foxes and bush turkeys. These animals can then spread the ticks to other areas surrounding such as your property/gardens.

What we can do to help

tick eradication northern beachesWe treat all foliage areas and grass areas around your garden suspected of harboring ticks with a petrol powered pump using a synthetic pyrethroid, this is the most thoroughly effective tick eradication treatment available. As this method will kill and prevent ticks it is recommended that you should have at least 2 treatments a year for total control from ticks. The products we use are less toxic than many ordinary household products being fully biodegradable and it is resisted by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA).

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What you can do to help prevent ticks

  • When in the garden wear long sleeves, tuck you shirt into pants, wear long pants tucked into socks and a hat. All items should be light coloured to improve visibility of ticks crawling on clothing.
  • Suppression of warm- blooded vertebrates which act as a host for ticks, such as bandicoots, prevents their entry into your yard. This can be done by trapping and relocation, or if this is not possible, the elimination of their main food source, curl grubs, in your lawn so bandicoots are no longer attracted to your property.
  • Removal of excess vegetation around your property and elimination of moist areas.
  • Treating all pests with a registered tick control product from your vet or pet store.

How to safely remove a tick?

  • You must NOT attempt to remove it with tweezers as the tick can become aggravated causing it to inject more saliva, which can cause allergic reactions and/or potential tick diseases.
  • You must attempt to kill the tick on the top by using either a pyrethroid aerosol or dabbing with a permethrin cream.Wait until the tick has died, which can take from 1 to 3 hours, then slowly remove the tick from your skin using tweezers.

Northern Beaches pest control services

If you have any questions about removing ticks from your home or business premises, contact the team at Clean and Green Pest Management for obligation free advice. We are your local Northern Beaches pest controllers specialising in both traditional and the green pest control methods that are safe for your family and pets. Our licensed pest controllers can advise you on the safest and most sustainable ways to control pests including cockroaches, ants, silverfish, fleas, rodents, spiders, wasps and bed bug eradication. We can also assist with possum removal and bird control methods. We strive to give you the best experience possible in terms of value for money, explanation and clear communication about how we plan to implement our services and pest control treatments. Click here for a pest removal quote or click the buttons below to get in touch.

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