Flying Termites – Is Your Property at Risk? What You Need to Know

During the summer season, you can expect to see tiny winged creatures flying around your outdoor lights, attaching themselves to your windows and walls, and trying to make their way into your house. These insects are common pests that are popularly known as flying termites.

Normally termites are only found in their subterranean tunnels under the ground. But as the weather warms up and the humidity increases , it is common to find the reproductive termites taking flight.

Their goal during the humid season is to leave their nests and find a suitable place such us under a tree or tree stump where a pair of termites can shed there wings and burry them self’s into the soil  these termites will then be on there way to establishing there own new termite colony.  Typically, it takes about three to five years to complete a full-sized one, which can cause severe damage to your property. 

Read on further below to find out more tips on handling flying termites.

How to Manage Flying Termites

Hiring a termite control professional to survey your property for possible termite nests and areas conducive for termite activity is essential to decrease the risk of being attacked by a colony of flying termites. Unfortunately, home insurance won’t cover possible damages made by termites.

With the help of termite extermination experts, they’ll be able to inspect for the activity of these pesky critters and make sure they are no live termites currently active within your home causing damage without you knowing and give you advise on how to manage your risks and prevent a possible termite infestation.

They Are Not White Ants

A white ant is another term for a termite because of their appearance can be white in color and they can look very similar to ants However there are a couple of  important differences that can help you identify the difference between the two, a flying ant differs from a winged termite in terms of size, also while both have four wings , winged termites wings are both the same size and flying ants wings are different sizes.

They Don’t Work Alone

Usually, winged termites don’t appear in your property on their own. Instead, expect them to come in a swarm where you can find about hundreds or thousands of them. That’s because flying termites are social creatures that prefer to work in groups, similar to ants and bees.

They Can Also Trespass inside Your Home

A swarm of winged termites gathering around your porch light is nothing to be alarmed about. You can simply turn off your lights and watch them fly away in search of the next source of light they can find. 

Once you find them flying around inside your house, however, they might cause more trouble than you think as it could mean they could be nesting in house —so it’s best to call a professional to take care of the situation immediately. If termites are crawling out of your walls, then you may have a pest infestation on-hand.

They Cannot Easily be Eradicated

You may be considering eliminating a swarm of winged termites by merely using bug spray, but that won’t solve your problem completely. You may have wiped out a horde but you haven’t got rid of the source of the problem the termite colony they came from so you house is still at potential risk 


They May Appear to Have Gone—But Only Temporarily

If you’ve noticed a decline of the swarm of flying termites on your property, you may think your problem is over. In truth, you’re supposed to start worrying even more! As there may still be a active termite nest where the winged termite originated from  in close proximity to your house ready to attack or a new colony establishing it self within your property without you knowing so it is vitally important you maintain regular professional termite inspection to reduce your risk 

So remember the sudden disappearance of winged termites may mean that a thousand more termites have found shelter near or in your home and can now start causing more stress for you!


It can be frightening , to say the least for a home owner to suddenly find themselves surrounded by thousands of winged termites. You may fear that your home is about to come under attack! 

Don’t panic though. The first thing to remember –flying Termites themselves cannot actually cause damage to house they first need to form a Colony 

Although it takes years before flying termites can establish a colony, you shouldn’t be too relaxed about the situation. As it means a active termite colony may be in close proximity to your property and you must for a termite management plan to reduce the potential risk of termite attack to your property so you must call a professional right away the moment you notice flying termites invading your home.

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