Dealing With a Termite Nest on Your Property – Our Guide

Dealing with a termite nest

Australians are well aware of the creepy crawlies and dangerous creatures that permeate just about every corner. Only a few people would be surprised to find a snake in their house or a giant spider hanging out in their living room, as it’s become a part of everyday life in the Down Under. However, finding a termite nest in a tree near your house poses another kind of situation—and one that definitely needs organic pest control. 

Many people have made regrettable attempts to remove a termite-infested tree, which has led to further destruction of their home. In fact, knowing it over can make the problem even worse. Here’s what you need to know about treating a tree with termites: 

DIY Solutions Don’t Work

If you want to know how to treat a tree with termites, then you must also know what not to do, which is resorting to DIY solutions. Knocking a termite nest out of a tree near your home will likely encourage them to wreck your home. On the other hand, lighting it up with gasoline and a matchbox is sure to produce fires that can destroy your property. 

What you’ll need to remove termite nests in trees does not lie in insect sprays, starting a fire, or other incredibly dangerous solutions, but in properly analysing the situation at hand. You must consider several aspects to make the right decision so that you can eliminate all the pests on your property. 

There’s More Than What You See

Big tree

Most people aren’t aware that termite mounds or nests represent only five to ten per cent of the actual termite population in a given area. The mud nest or mound is a tiny portion of the entire termite nest, which is comprised of an elaborate network that spreads throughout the tree. 

These termites have burrowed tunnels in the tree, and the queen usually lies in the deepest part. Only knocking over a nest won’t do any good, as there is still about 90 per cent of the termite population you’ll have to remove.  

It’s Best to Call a Professional

Termite Nest in a trees stump

Before you start to form a plan to treat your termite-infested tree, you’ll have to consider its proximity to your property. If it is within the bounds of your house, it’s best to call a professional to eradicate the problem for good. Organic pest control has access to substances that will solve termite issues by killing the entire colony.

However, if the tree is not within your property but in your neighbour’s, then you’ll have to let them know. Unfortunately, professional pest control services are allowed to operate only with the right authorisation. 


Termites are an annoyance at the least and destructive at their worst. Taking care of them as soon as possible is of utmost importance, but that doesn’t mean you should resort to removing them by yourself. Every Australian has the right to live in a safe environment, and termite control in Northern Beaches can nip the problem in the bud, keeping you worry- and pest-free. 

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