What To Do When You Find Termites Around Your Property or home

Finding the presence of live termites in your home can be a huge shock for many homeowners as they are often caught off guard when finding termites activity in their home and can often panic and make an impulse decision to do something about it themselves that can greatly affect the termite eradication process of the termite management company. 

What are the signs you may have termites?  

  • Hollow sounding or papery looking  timbers are a common sign of the presence of termite as they tunnel through the timber loses their structural integrity and becomes hollow sounding or papery in appearance. 
  • Mud leads or mud packing in areas they shouldn’t be such as within cupboards, skirting boards and even within powerpoints this is because termites use this mud to protect themselves from predators while keeping their workings nice and warm so they can survive  
  • Flying termites if you see termites flying out or a wall this is a big indicator that you may have a termite infestation on your property  

Here are some simple steps you should take if you find termites in your home. 

Don’t Panic stay calm  

It sounds like simple advice but finding termites can cause people to freak out you need to realise the termites are already there and there is nothing you can do right now to fix the problem anything you do may just make the problem worse and more costly.  Don’t grab the fly spray  

One common reaction for homeowners when they find live termites is to grab the fly spray and start spraying them this is one of the worst things you can do as this can make it extremely difficult for the termites’ control company to eradicate them as live termite activity is needed to effectively control the termites’ colony this will more than likely increase the overall cost of there treatment. Also when you see termite activity you usually only see a small fraction of the termites as the majority of them are concealed within walls or underneath concrete areas so you may kill a couple of termites but the colony attacking your house is still very alive and will continue to cause damage to your property. 

Don’t disturb them  

If you do find termite activity and have accidentally disturbed them, stop and do not continue to inspect the area as this will only make the situation worst as the termite may retreat into concealed areas making it harder for the termite management company to treat them efficiently. If you have disturbed them don’t worry try your best to cover them up this can easily be done with say a blanket over the top of them or some garbage bags and tape.  

Take lots of photos  

Taking photos is a great tool as you can quickly send these to your termite control company to help quickly identify if they are termite or other pests that can resemble termite activity.

Call a professional  

When you find termites it is important to call a professional termite control company it is important to take your time and not be in a rush. The first step will be to access the activity and carry out a full termite inspection to Australian standards. 

What to look for in a termite control company  

  • Ensure they are  fully licensed to carry out termite inspections and treatment as well as how many years of termite experience they have. 
  • Make sure they follow the Australian standards in termite management and will provide you with a written quote and termite management proposal  
  • What termite treatment do they offer some company’s only offer one option it is best to choose a company that can offer you a range of different options that best suit your situation and property type? 


We hope these tips help you better understand steps to take if you find termite activity in your home clean & Green Pest Managers are experienced in all aspects of termite management and trusted by our clients throughout Sydney and can provide obligation free termite quotation or free advice. If you are looking for termite control  in Sydney give us a call today!