What You Should Know If There Are Possums in Your Roof

What You Should Know If There Are Possums in Your Roof

If you’ve ever heard a noise or a heavier scurrying of feet by your home, you may want to consider the possibility of possums popping by. There may not be a particular reason other than them deeming your roof as their new cosy habitat. However, it isn’t all too ideal to have them stay on your property.

Here’s a short guide of why you shouldn’t let possums in your home and how you can stop them from going there. 

Effects of Having Possums by Your Home

There are a couple of reasons why possums can be a pain to have around your home. The first reason is that you wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s sleep. They continually scamper and scratch the outside of your home, and it’s only going to get worse when they get their paws and nails by your basement and under the floors.

Overthinking that potential damage to your home is pretty understandable because there have been countless cases where it already happened. Occurrences of possums breaking the tiling on roofs and getting their sharp teeth on wiring have been widespread in some areas. It doesn’t take very long for a possum to do a lot of damage as you observe all the problems showing up.

Possum urine and feces also pose a huge problem for your home. Not only do their droppings have a terrible smell that you might gag from getting a whiff of, but they also have an invitation for other critters to come to infest your home. It can be a pain to constantly clean your property when the poop and pee of other insects are involved, and there’s a foul scent in the air. 

Precautions to Prevent Possum Occupancy

Without a doubt, you should attempt to prevent possums from getting to your roof. If there aren’t any yet, one precaution that you can take is removing the nearby branches that enable a possum to make it to your roof tiles. They’re swift climbers, but they wouldn’t be able to fly and get on the roof without the branches. 

Removing access lessens the likeliness of the possum problems, but you don’t have to stop there. Possums like the dark, so any bright lights by your home and roof would be able to deter a possum from entering your property. Consider getting a spotlight installed that can flash different creatures.

Solutions to Drive Out the Possum Invasion

If you already have a possum on your roof, there are some ways you can drive them out. Possum repellents were created to affect their sense of smell and taste and make them leave. Others also recommend some items you’d find in your cabinet, such as Tabasco sauce, but it’s a real hit or miss.

An ideal solution is to leave it to the possum removal experts. Call up a professional who knows how to get the possums out without damaging your home any further. You could even ask for more tips about how you can stop your home from getting invaded by the little neighbourhood possums. 


To sum it up, it can be inconvenient and dangerous to keep possums around your roof, even if you may think they seem harmless. These creatures should be safely removed by an expert if they’re already inhabiting your property.

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