Australian Ant Species That May Visit Your Property – By Clean and Green Pest Control

Finding one ant can be a bit of an inconvenience but easy to deal with. However, some Aussie homeowners tend to forget that ants travel in colonies, and their bite can often be more painful than not. Getting your property infested with ants is not an ideal situation at all, and rightly so– stings, health hazards and having your food taken can be horrific.

Calling up a pest control professional is your best shot of dealing with the problem without having to risk your own neck and skin. Plus, these experts will be able to know how to best get rid of the species lingering in your house.

Although it’d be easier to believe that all ants are the same, that’s not the case as there are all types of ants. Some can be more dangerous to handle than others. Here are a couple that you may encounter in the future:

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants aren’t necessarily something to overtly worry over, as they aren’t too aggressive towards humans. These brown and bulbous ants are more aggressive towards another ant species instead.

The big worry about them in common households though is that they reproduce very quickly. Your house can easily get overwhelmed by the number of ants in a couple of months, which can be quite a stressful sight to come home to.

Black House Ants

Speaking of house, the black house ants are some of the most common species that you’ll see of these critters. They’re ebony in colour and measure at least 2.5mm in length. Black house ants also love creating nests in the crevices and cracks of the home.

In terms of desires, black house ants are very simplistic. They don’t seek to fight another species like Argentine ants. Black house ants only seek food and shelter in order to survive, targetting even the smallest leftovers in dishes.

Coastal Brown Ants

Coastal brown ants are the most distinct in appearance, boring a unique golden brown appearance in contrast to their more neutral counterparts. Having them stand out doesn’t make it any easier to get them out of a property when they invade though. Multiple queens start up super colonies here. It can be difficult to get coastal brown ants out of your hair.

Green Head Ants

Although the name may imply that these species are olive or lime coloured, green head ants lean more towards being black. There is a hint of green on their bodies, but their name comes more from their habit of lurking in the grassy areas and taking vegetables. They’re commonly found in the front and back yard of the home, which is tough for home gardeners.

Bull Ants

Bull ants are an infamous Australian ant species due to their aggression. They have some of the most painful bites, with each ant delivering those stings repetitively. Turn around and call up an expert who will be able to exterminate bull ants from your property with protective gear.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are second to bull ants when it comes to aggression, though they mostly respond only when provoked. It can be scary as these ants also inject venom that makes their bites much worse. Be sure not to touch the fire ants’ nest mounds on the ground, or they’ll come for you.

Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are less aggressive than bull ants and fire ants, though their plan of attack is a little different. They cannot sting, but they do have a strong bite and an acid spray that can be annoying to be the victim of.


Identifying what Australian ant species you have in your home will help you adequately respond while you wait for professional backup. Don’t let the ant infestation get any worse and trust experts to take care of it for you.

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