A Basic Guide to the 10 Most Common Spiders in Australia – By Clean and Green Pest Control

Living in Australia can be quite a luxury. Picking and staying in a beautiful home will be like living the dream. However, some unexpected creepy crawlies can end up at your residence’s corners and crevices.

Wildlife in Australia is abundant and pretty much everywhere. Spiders are one thing that can be quite common in Australia, spinning a web in almost every household. In case of an infestation of those spiders, it’s best to call up a pest removal expert who will take care of the job for you.

There’s a variety of spiders that can sneak into your home, though. Here’s just a quick and basic guide of the kind of species that you may see in your home:

1) White – Tailed Spider

The white – tailed spiders are generally known for that snow-coloured spot on their legs’ tips. However, a majority of their body is coloured dark red or grey. There’s also some orange band stripes on its legs, contrasting with the spider’s main hues.

2) Funnel Web Spider

A funnel web spider is generally large and bulky. It’s categorised as one of the bigger spider species as it can grow over 20-35mm in body length at most. These are more common in homes in New South Wales, but they may also pop up in other regions as well.

3) Daddy Long Legs

Although some may think that daddy long legs is just a funny phrase off of the internet, it is the actual term for the pholcus phalangioides. Daddy long legs spiders’ most defining feature is the length of their thin limbs, some even exceeding the 20 mm threshold.

4) Family Diaspidae

Family diaspidaes can be quite the spider to look upon, boasting a very round and bulbous body alongside their long legs. Their colour is usually in between brown and yellow, sporting a bit of hair to make it seem furry.

5) Garden Orb Spiders

Garden orb-weaving spiders can usually be spotted in South Australia by the outside of your property. Their legs are often thicker than other spiders’ as their body appears in the shape of a leaf. Don’t mistake them for your grass or weeds!

6) Harvestman Spider

The harvestman spider could probably be considered as a relative of the daddy long legs spiders considering their similarity in body composition. They are significantly lighter in colour, though, often compared to creams and soft greys.

7) Mouse Spider

Although some may think that mouse spiders are more harmless compared to other vermins, that simply isn’t the case. Their fang sheaths are very evident from their regularly dark body, which grows almost at 35mm.

8) Redback Spider

Female redback spiders can be quite distinct in the household, thanks to the marking that they have on their body’s back. It’s often red or orange in colour that’s visible in one strip, though it can also be broken into spots with white as well.

9) Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is often typical in its features and shape. These are usually brown and grey in their hue, often appearing in a more striped pattern. The body is made up of two giant bulbs, and they can pack quite a punch with their bite.

10) Tarantula

Tarantulas are one of the more well-known species in Australia and across the world. These furry spiders have hair all over their bodies and legs, coming in many different colours. Their bite can also be quite painful.


Most people may not have the time or will to survey what spiders are creeping in their household. In those cases, call up a professional to handle the identification and eradication of these critters so that you can continue feeling safe in your home.

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