Know Your Enemy: The Types of Roaches That Plague Your Home

The Types of Roaches That Plague Your Home

Homeowners that are meticulous about their property’s cleanliness will do whatever it takes to keep their place clean and spotless, eliminating any factors that could attract pests and germs. However, for homes that fail to maintain the upkeep of their space, they are at risk of becoming a breeding ground for cockroaches.

Roaches tend to invade houses prone to moisture and heat, especially if they can locate an abundance of food in the area. Unfortunately, their “food” comes in various forms, as they feed on cardboard, feces, dead animals, and even other cockroaches!

If you are dealing with cockroaches in your home, you must call for cockroach control right away to take care of your situation and prevent it from getting worse. These insects can bring diseases and filth into your home and affect you and your family’s health. 

To give you an in-depth knowledge of the possible cockroaches that can find their way into your property, keep reading below.

Signs a Cockroach Is Present in Your Property

Like most insects, cockroaches can leave traces of their presence behind, giving homeowners and exterminators an idea that pests are inside your home without having to see them yet. Cockroaches try not to come out of their hiding during daylight and begin to cause havoc once nightfall comes in search of food.

When you notice black droppings, smear marks, egg capsules, unusual damages on food packages and books, and sense a musty odour, then they are sure-fire signs of a cockroach’s existence. If you don’t know how to handle cockroach encounters, it’s best to call for safe pest control to handle the situation for you.

Types of Cockroaches You Can See in Your Household

American Cockroach

American Cockroach

An American cockroach is considered one of the biggest cockroaches that can enter your household. Their characteristics involve a shiny red-brown colour and are about thirty-five to forty millimetres in size. You can commonly find them living in trees, yet will move to places that are humid and isolated, such as kitchens, roof voids, and bathrooms. 

Australian Cockroach

a brown roach

Australian cockroaches are known for coming into properties late at night and entering through gardens or debris. They prefer thriving in places that have mild seasons to colder regions. However, despite their name, the Australian cockroach did not originate from Australia.

Brown Banded Cockroach

brown banded cockroach

Brown Banded cockroaches are dubbed as one of the smallest of their kind, with an adult cockroach reaching only up to ten to fifteen millimetres in length. They are recognised for their yellow-brown stripes over their abdomen, and you can usually see them on the ground.

However, if you spot them in warmer environments, they can be triggered to fly around. Because they like to live in humid places, they will sneak into ceilings, roof voids, and appliance motors. Brown Banded cockroaches are more active during nighttime, feeding on high-starch materials like grains and dried beans.

German Cockroach

German cockroach

German cockroaches love invading homes because they are enticed by wet and humid places, including kitchens and bathrooms. They showcase two dark and long stripes, with adults growing up to twelve to fifteen millimetres. 

Smoky Brown Cockroach

Smoky brown cockroach

Known for their shiny dark brown colour, Smoky Brown cockroaches can grow up to thirty-five millimetres in length. You can find them inhabiting the hollows and barks of trees and beneath a home’s floorboards. The insects invade properties during the evening and pollute food with their excrements, saliva, and harmful bacteria. 


The best solution to eliminating cockroaches from your home is to seek professional and natural pest control treatments, as these can deliver long-lasting and eco-friendly solutions. You can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to face another cockroach infestation because the pest terminators incorporate the proper tools and formulas to eliminate cockroaches off your property completely. 

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