How to Prevent Rat Infestation in Your Restaurant


Restaurants are like fantasy worlds for rats. With lots of food and water, and warm places to hide and grow their families, very few places are as exciting for rodents as restaurants. But while it’s all fun and magic for mice and rats, it’s disastrous for restaurant owners and managers. 

Many problems come with rat infestations in restaurants, including the risk of food poisoning, losing customers, and, of course, getting fined or even closed by the public health department. Another problem is that rats breed really fast. If you spot one in your restaurant kitchen, you need to immediately call professionals to do mice control because, in reality, there are a whole lot more of those rodents that you don’t see. One mouse sighting means there’s already an infestation that needs to be addressed at once!

But what if you don’t see a rat? Well, that’s good! But to ensure you won’t ever see one, you should follow these preventive measures suggested by the experts at Clean & Green Pest Managers: 

Do Thorough Inspection Regularly

The best way to ensure that no rats are lurking in your restaurant is by doing thorough inspections on a regular basis. However, it’s not enough to just check in the cabinets and cupboards. You need a professional to do the inspection so that all the areas, even under the floorboards and the inside of the ceiling, will be checked. 

Secure the Trash

Keep in mind that rats are natural scavengers, and they won’t hesitate to dive into your trash to access leftovers and other food scraps. For this reason, you should invest in heavy-duty metal or plastic trash bins that can be closed shut, and the rats won’t be able to gnaw their way inside the container. 

Also, make it a point to empty your trash often and keep them away from the entrances to your restaurant. It’s essential as well to clean your trash bins inside and out regularly to help reduce the smell that may attract rats and other pests to your area. 

Keep Your Food Items in Tightly Sealed Containers

While it’s impossible to remove all food items in the kitchen after operation hours, you can still ensure that everything is stored away properly. Keep as much as you can in the freezer, and those that can’t be frozen should be kept in tightly sealed containers so that no rodents can find them. Keeping the kitchen and dining area clean and sanitised at all times will also help prevent the infestation of rats. 

Hire an Expert Exterminator 

If despite your efforts, you still find a rat running around the kitchen, there’s no better way to get rid of the problem than to hire a professional exterminator. This way, you can be sure that not only will your current issue with rats be solved but that you also won’t have to deal with them again. 

Professionals from a team like Clean & Green Pest Managers are highly trained and have knowledge of where those rodents are coming from and how they get inside the restaurant. They can seal all possible entry points and get rid of any traces of rodents, including rats’ feces and urine that could contaminate food and cause diseases. 


Rat infestation is indeed a major problem, especially for a restaurant that has to be clean and free from germs that those rodents can bring with them. By following the tips mentioned above, you can help prevent any pests from coming into and staying in your place of business. 

If you see even just one tiny rat, don’t hesitate to call professionals who are experts in rodent control. Don’t wait until your customers see a rat or someone gets sick from your food before you take action!

Clean & Green Pest Managers are the trusted partner of most businesses in Sydney for commercial rodent control. If you are dealing with problems with rats or any other pest, you can count on us to solve that problem for you. Call us today to schedule rat extermination for your restaurant!