How to Deal with Pest Infestations in Your Refrigerator

A household refrigerator is easily one of the most important innovations in kitchen technology. Before it was invented, the stock of food used to rot and spoil fairly quickly. However, no matter how good it is at keeping food fresh and your beverages cold, pests and bugs may still be able to find their way into your fridge, especially if you leave it open too long. 

These bugs may carry harmful viruses and bacteria and contaminate the food that you have stored in your refrigerator. The main point of having a fridge is to help you avoid having food spoiled and wasted. What an irony that you have a fridge full of food but they will all be contaminated once a rogue fly or cockroach gains access to your fridge. This is why any bug infestations in your refrigerator should be dealt with as soon as they are discovered. 

How to Deal with Pest Infestations in Your Refrigerator

How Bugs Get into Your Fridge in the First Place

There are many ways by which insects and bugs can get into your refrigerator. They may be in any unwashed vegetables you place into your fridge’s vegetable cabinet. They may be attracted to the food you store inside, and will try to get into your refrigerator at all costs. The good news is that you can prevent them from gaining access to your food supply by doing the following prevention tips. 

Prevention Tips

If you are looking for ways to keep bugs and insects out of your food supply, here are some effective ways to prevent them from getting into your refrigerator. 

1 – Clean All Your Produce Well Before Placing in the Refrigerator

It is important that you wash all your vegetables under running tap water before storing them in your fridge. These will help get rid of any insects that may be hiding in the leaves of your lettuce or in the head of your broccoli and dislodge them from their hiding places before you put your vegetables inside your fridge.

2 – Don’t Leave the Door Open for Long Periods

Avoid having the bugs fly into your fridge by keeping the refrigerator door closed. Right after you get what you need from inside your refrigerator, close the door right away. The same goes for when you will put anything inside your fridge.

3 – Keep Your Fridge as Cold as Possible

The good news is that most bugs will never lay any of their eggs inside your refrigerator because of the cold temperature inside. Keeping the temperature of your fridge at the coldest possible setting may help you keep any bugs inactive, even if they are able to get inside.


If all else fails, you can call a pest control expert to help you. The problem may not only be within your refrigerator but in your home as a whole. These professionals will help you get to the root source of your problem – the pests themselves. They are trained to find the nest of these bugs and insects and will get rid of them as well as any eggs they have laid around your home.

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