Wasps on Your Property? Here’s How to Deal with Them!

How to deal with Wasps properly

Do you have a wasp problem at home? If you do, then read on. Here, we will help you with wasp control. 

There are two species of wasp: the European Wasp and the Common Paper Wasp. They look similar at first, but when you look closely, you’ll see they have noticeable differences. 

The European Wasp is an environmental pest and is bright yellow and black. You will notice yellow and black banding along their abdomen with distinct black triangular markings at each band. On the other hand, the Common Paper Wasp is native to Australia and is generally tan-coloured with darker stripes. It is smaller than the European wasp. 

Compared to bees, wasps can sting repeatedly. Their sting is painful and inflammatory. In fact, multiple stings or a sting to the throat can be dangerous. Also, there are people who are allergic to wasp stings and may not be aware of this. That’s why you need to be careful when you see a wasp nest because they defend their nests aggressively. 

Where Are Their Nests?

If you see wasps around your home, then there is likely a nest nearby. If it’s a European Wasp, their nest is underground. Some will build their nests in tree stumps, roof voids and wall cavities. Their nests look like a muddy paper-mache. However, if the nest is too big, it’s best you contact your local council to deal with it. 

Now, if you notice Common Paper Wasps around your home, their nest is usually small with a honeycomb structure. You will usually see them hanging from horizontal surfaces, such as eaves, awnings, fence capping and even in shrubs and trees. 

How to Prevent Them From Appearing in Your Property

There are many ways to prevent them from appearing. If you are dealing with European Wasps, places that have sightings of them usually have a sign. So, it’s best to avoid such places. 

On your property, make sure you don’t leave any food or drinks uncovered or unattended outdoors. Wasps can enter an open drink, and who knows? You might swallow one accidentally! That also means you shouldn’t leave pet food outdoors for an extended period and keep your garbage bin’s lids secure. 

If you have trees nearby, pick up fallen fruits and dispose of them properly. 

Now, if you’re dealing with Common Paper Wasps, make sure you keep your doors and windows shut at all times. If you have to leave them open, have fly screens. Also, seal gaps around your house. If you have seen nests around your house, monitor them regularly. Also, if you have a pool, cover it when not in use. 

You can also have plants that can deter wasps, such as eucalyptus, lemongrass, mint, thyme, and wormwood. 


Wasps are a nuisance, and what’s worse is that they can be dangerous. If you notice wasps around your property, it’s important you address them immediately. Don’t go near the nest, especially if you don’t have any experience eliminating wasps; instead, contact a professional. 

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