Protect Your Child Care Centre From These Top 4 Pesky Pests

Protect Your Child Care Centre from Pests

Parents rely on child care centres to care for their kids when their hands are full with work during the day. They can fulfil their obligations at work with the peace of mind knowing that their little ones are being looked after.

As a daycare service provider, you have this huge responsibility of repaying the trust that’s been placed in you. One of the most common ways to do this is by providing worthwhile activities for the children while keeping them secure inside your premises. 

Aside from making sure that your structures are safe for kids, you must also invest in pest control services for your establishment. Doing so enables you to protect the children from these four bothersome pests that commonly terrorise early learning centres: 

1. Cockroaches 

These pests are among the most notorious out there. Aside from giving kids quite a fright, their hairy legs carry bacteria and other harmful organisms. If left unaddressed, they can cause diarrhoea, allergic reactions, and even salmonellosis and cholera. 

Cockroaches are attracted to crumbs left on the floor and food left on the counter. Moreover, they often live in groups and roam around your establishment at night. Considering this, you must clean and disinfect your facility regularly to prevent them from multiplying.  

2. Rodents 

Like cockroaches, mice and rats are also attracted to places with food they can nibble on. They’re quick to nest in places near any kind of food supply and gnaw on anything in the area they can find to build in their nests. 

Aside from damaging property inside your learning centre, they can also carry diseases which may be transmitted to humans. 

3. Termites 

These pests commonly cause problems at home, but they can also wreak havoc on child care centres. 

Termites feed primarily on wood, so they can easily compromise the strength and safety of your establishment. If left unaddressed, they can render your whole centre unsafe and unlivable until you start conducting costly repairs. 

4. Spiders 

Some spiders are helpful; they contribute to pest control as they feed on other insects such as fleas, mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. However, some species can have a painful sting which can cause local swelling. On top of that, some also inject toxins that can be fatal if left untreated. 

The Importance of Child-friendly Pest Control 

When it comes to eliminating pests in your early daycare centre, you must make sure that the chemicals used are effective yet safe for everyone using the space. 

Children often come into close contact with the floors and walls than the adults watching over them. Considering this, much thought and attention must be given when it comes to selecting the chemical control option to be used.  Your utmost priority must be to reduce risks not only to your property but also to people using and the surrounding environment. 

Expert technicians with experience in child care centre pest control will be able to help you achieve this. They use the least hazardous chemical control options and follow certain procedures in applying baits, sprays, and aerosols. Enlisting their services will help you ensure both the children’s well-being and your establishment’s safety. 


Pests infiltrate not only at homes but also learning centres and schools. For this reason, you need to inspect your structure regularly for probable infestation and contact the experts as soon as possible. Furthermore, you must avoid ordinary services; always go with safe, sustainable, and non-toxic alternatives. Doing so gives you access to pest control services which are safe, sustainable, and non-toxic—especially for the little ones. 

Do you require child-friendly pest control in Sydney? We’re the ones to call! Our licensed and fully insured pest controllers will be more than happy to offer the services you need for the treatment and eradication of pests in your daycare centre. Get in touch today for a non-toxic and green approach to pest control.