2 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Handling Wasp Nests

Although we’re still well into the colder time of the year, we most likely can’t help but think about how life is going to be like once everything is nice and sunny again.

A few months from now, Bondi Beach will be sunny and more ready than ever for some sunbathing and swimming and various festivals will be back in full swing so that we can get on with the rest of our lives. Considering that COVID-19 took away the majority of our summer this year, it seems like the only thing worth looking forward to is having summer come back at its strongest once more!

However, while there are lots of things to look forward to once a time of longer days and shorter nights comes around, there’s one thing that isn’t as exciting: Wasps nests.

The perils of dealing with a wasp nest

While most of us are already familiar with how a wasp nest looks, the sad truth is that not many people know how to actually deal with one. Sure, there are a handful of brave (yet uninformed) Australians that try their hand at removing these nests, but they end up getting swarmed, stung and rushed to the hospital. 

Common wasp nest-related mistakes you must avoid

Right now, you’re probably wondering about what you can do about your wasp removal-related worries in the months leading up to the moment the sun starts shining brighter again. Although best practices may be at the top of your priority list during your extermination preparation, you should also brush up on the common mistakes that you can make. 

If you are planning to handle the pesky pests in question but want to ensure that you do it as safely as possible, here are the different mistakes that you must avoid: 

Mistake #1: Trying to burn the life out of a nest

Have you ever heard of (or even muttered) the term “kill it with fire” when it comes to taking care of a wasps nest and resonated with the same sentiment? Well, know that using fire to burn a wasp nest will only make matters exponentially worse!

As if angry, relentless, and irritable wasps weren’t enough trouble, having them come at you while they’re on fire (because they don’t die that easily) and being extra violent makes for an even more horrific experience. On top of aggressive wasps, setting a paper-thin nest on fire can create a significant fire hazard for your home that can either burn your house down or put your loved ones at risk of injuries! 

Mistake #2: Whacking the nest

Unlike cockroaches, termites, flies, or ants, wasps can’t be killed with brute human force. Trust us; if a wasp can move faster than the human eye can track it, what makes you think you can kill it with a baseball bat?

If you don’t want to have an angry nest full of wasps coming at you and everyone that you love and care about with unrelenting force, then it’s best to drop the bat. Before you start smacking nests out of sheer fear, you should call Clean and Green Pest to help handle the situation instead so that no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged!


While the summertime is undoubtedly something that’s well worth looking forward to, you definitely won’t feel the same about the heightened wasp activity that comes with it. However, your resentment and disdain for wasps doesn’t mean that you should go to town on a nest, especially when you’re prone to making the mistakes mentioned above! 

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