3 Most Common Winter Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

3 most common winter pests and how to get rid of them

Winter is a tough season for humans and animals in terms of weather. While it’s nice to have cold air outside for a change, the bigger problem is that pests could make their way into the warmth of your dwelling. Here are a few pests that may seek shelter from the cold in your home. 

3 Common Pests That Come Out at Winter

1. Rats and Mice

Rats and mice tend to enter homes during the winter season to get away from the cold. They come from filthy and unsanitary places, like sewers, so they can enter a home both carrying diseases. These sneaky pests come out at night and move around in corners and crevices. If you have a basement or attic, they may linger there. 

Prevention Methods

One way to prevent them from coming is cutting the grass and keeping every opening of your home sealed tight. If you hear them crawling at night, it is best to keep all food away stored safely and neatly. Set up traps if you’re willing to get rid of them yourself, though you can always call an exterminator. 

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are very resilient creatures that spawn at alarming rates. If you’ve seen one crawling around, you better believe there are probably more than you think. Like rodents, cockroaches sneak between corners and chew on food and trash. They also chew on paper, plastic, and anything they can get their hands on. While they do fall at a slap of a rolled-up magazine, you’re going to need a lot more to get rid of them all.

Prevention Methods

Always keep your home clean and safe. These creatures are scavengers, so they are attracted to places with food waste everywhere. Store everything properly and do not hoard any trash to prevent them from entering. 

3. Termites

Termites eat through wood and similar materials, which means the roof over your head truly depends on whether or not you can keep these pests away. The troubling thing about termites is that you can’t see or smell them like rodents or roaches. They can linger in the most mysterious corners or inside the walls.

Prevention Methods

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to keep termites away from your home. If your home rests on wood, it’s not like you can get rid of your wood walls. The best you can do is stay vigilant. Look into every crack or crevice for any sign of them. Call an exterminator if you need them gone as soon as possible. 


The winter season is the toughest time to get rid of house pests. These creatures carry hazardous diseases and scavenge on food and waste alike. If you can prevent them from coming in, good for you. But if they already made their way inside uninvited, you will need to get rid of them before they multiply. 

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