Why Bed Bugs Should Be Eliminated in Commercial Properties

Bedbugs are becoming more prevalent in commercial structures. They are tiny, and their existence and population growth are dependent on hiding and hitching on hosts. They can get access to a building via a person’s clothing, personal belongings, or shoes. This makes them difficult to track and a pain to deal with.

Hiding in tiny crevices and cracks in walls, they can survive up to six months without feeding. Once inside, they make their way to the nearest mattress or couch and grow in size and number.

For this reason, bedbugs are becoming an increasingly common nuisance in many commercial buildings. While they may seem small, they can cause adverse effects on people and their health. To know its importance to be exterminated, read on to learn more.

Reasons Why Bed Bugs Should Be Eliminated in Commercial Properties

1. Bed Bugs Can Spread Disease

While they do not necessarily cause illness, they have been known to carry the bacteria that causes trench fever, such as streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and E. coli. Additionally, they can take fleas that carry bacteria that causes cat scratch fever.

2. Customers and Visitors of the Commercial Properties Will Be Uncomfortable

Customers will be more uncomfortable if they discover bedbugs on their company’s premises, as reported in commercial buildings. It will affect the company’s reputation and potentially the company’s performance.

Moreover, companies with commercial property will not be able to function if they have an infestation. This can be a problem for businesses that must welcome clients in their buildings like restaurant and hospitality establishments.

3. Bedbugs Are Expensive to Exterminate

Commercial buildings are often large, which means that a bedbug infestation can affect multiple rooms in the building. Thus, it is better to do the extermination as soon as possible to avoid spending a more significant amount.

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

1. Know Where to Look for Bedbugs

Bedbugs will nestle into any crack or gap they can find. They also like to hide behind baseboards and picture frames. To ensure you have gotten rid of all of them will need a thorough inspection of the whole building.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Using bed bug sprays and bedbug steamers are two ways of getting rid of them. Both are effective in getting rid of bedbugs. It is best to do both to ensure that you have gotten rid of them.

3. Hire Professional Pest Control

If the infestation is severe, you may have to hire professional pest control to help you get rid of them. They are trained and experienced in dealing with these pests. Moreover, they can do a detailed inspection of your property and implement the proper extermination methods to get rid of them.


Bedbugs are a common occurrence in commercial properties, especially hotels and restaurants. With all the news and stories on them, customers and visitors of any commercial property will be uncomfortable with these pests on the premises.

Getting rid of them is essential to avoid a reputation blow to your business. Additionally, it is recommended that you thoroughly inspect your commercial property to find any bed bugs.

Otherwise, it may lead to the spread of disease and the infestation to be more severe. Hiring professional pest service providers is also recommended. They have the training and experience to get rid of them and keep them from returning.

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