Possums in Your Roof? Here’s What You Need to Know About Removal on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Do you hear scuffling and scratching on your roof at night? Chances are possums have made themselves at home in your roof space. While these furry animals seem cute, they can be a nuisance, causing damage to your property and disrupting your sleep. Removing them safely without harming them is essential, as they are a protected species. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about possum removal on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and why taking action before they cause irreparable damage is essential. We’ll cover the safe removal process, what to do if you spot a possum in your house, and steps you can take to prevent a possum infestation from happening again. Let’s get started!

Understanding Possum Behavior

Possums are fascinating creatures commonly found in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area. Understanding their behavior and habits is essential to managing any potential infestation and preventing damage to your property.

Two types of possums are commonly found in Sydney’s Northern Beaches region: the common brushtail possum and the common ringtail possum. Brushtail possums are the larger of the two and are easily recognizable by their bushy tails and pointed faces. Ringtail possums are smaller and have distinctive curled tails and rounder faces.

Possums may enter your roof for several reasons, including seeking shelter, warmth, and a place to breed. They are also attracted to food sources and are known to feed on fruits, flowers, and insects. Possums are also nocturnal animals, which means they are active at night and use the cover of darkness to access your property without being detected.

Possums are adapted to living in trees and are known for their sharp claws and prehensile tails, which enable them to climb and cling to branches. They are herbivores and feed on various plant matter, but they are also opportunistic feeders and will eat insects and other small animals if food is scarce.


What are the Risks of Possum Infestation

While possums may seem harmless, their infestation on your property can pose several risks. Understanding the risks associated with possum infestation can help you take the necessary steps to remove them and prevent them from returning.

Health risks associated with possum infestations

Possums can carry several diseases, including leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and salmonella. Their droppings and urine can also contain harmful bacteria and parasites that pose health risks to humans and pets. Breathing in the dust from dried possum droppings can cause respiratory problems, especially for individuals with pre-existing conditions such as asthma. If you suspect possum infestation on your property, taking necessary precautions, such as wearing protective gear and hiring a professional possum removal service, is essential.

Property damage caused by possums

Possums can cause significant damage to your property. They chew through electrical wires, which can lead to electrical fires. They can also damage insulation, wooden beams, and roofing materials. Over time, their urine and droppings can also cause damage to your ceiling and walls, leading to unpleasant smells and the need for expensive repairs. If left unchecked, possum infestation can cause extensive damage to your property, reducing its value and making it unsafe to live in.

Noise pollution and disturbances caused by possums

Possums are nocturnal animals and are most active at night. When they infest your property, they can create noise and disorders, such as scratching, thumping, and vocalizations, which can disrupt your sleep and daily activities. This can lead to sleep deprivation, irritability, and reduced productivity, negatively affecting overall health and well-being.

Possum infestation can pose several health, property, and well-being risks. If you suspect a possum infestation on your property, hiring a professional possum removal service is essential. By understanding the risks associated with possum infestation, you can take necessary steps to protect yourself, your family, and your property from harm.

How To Get Rid of Possums or Opossums in Your Home or Yard

Possums, or opossums, are common nocturnal animals often found in residential areas. While they can help control insect and rodent populations, they can also cause property damage and become a nuisance. Here are some steps to take to get rid of possums in your home or yard:

Remove food sources: Possums are attracted to food, so removing any potential food sources in your yard or home is essential. This can include securing trash cans, removing pet food and water dishes, and cleaning up fallen fruit from trees.

Seal entry points: Possums can enter your home through small openings, so sealing any entry points around your home is essential. This can include gaps in walls or roofs, open vents, and foundation cracks.

Use repellents: A variety of repellents can be used to deter possums from your yard. These can include natural repellents such as peppermint oil, predator urine, ammonia, or commercial repellents that can be purchased at home and garden stores.

Install motion-activated devices: Motion-activated devices such as sprinklers or lights can effectively deter possums from your yard. These devices can startle the possums and cause them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Contact a professional: If possums have already taken up residence in your home, it’s essential to contact a professional possum removal service. They can safely and humanely trap and remove the animals and help seal entry points to prevent future infestations.


What should I do if I see a possum in my house?

If you see a possum in your house, it’s essential to take action to remove the animal safely. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Confine the animal: If possible, confine the possum to a single room by closing doors and blocking other exits. This will help to prevent the possum from wandering throughout your house and potentially causing damage or getting into other areas.
  • Provide an escape route: Once the possum is confined, provide an escape route for the animal by opening a window or door. This will give the possum a way to leave your house alone.
  • Seek professional help: If you cannot safely remove the possum from your house or if the animal appears injured or sick, it’s essential to seek professional help from a possum removal service. They have the experience and equipment to safely remove the animal and return it to the wild unharmed.

It’s important to note that possums are protected under Australian law, and it is illegal to harm or kill them without a permit. For this reason, it’s essential to take a humane approach when attempting to remove possums from your house. Never try to handle the animal yourself, as possums can become aggressive if they feel threatened, and always seek professional help if you are unsure how to proceed.

What to do if the possums damage your property?

If possums have caused damage to your property, it is essential to take immediate action to repair the damage and prevent further infestation. The first step is to assess the extent of the damage caused by the possums. Check your property’s roof, attic, and other areas where they may have caused damage. Make a list of the repairs that need to be made. Once you have assessed the damage, consider hiring a professional possum removal and pest control service to safely remove the possums and prevent them from returning. They can also help with the repair and restoration of your property. If the damage is minor, you may be able to repair it yourself but be sure to take steps to prevent further infestation, such as sealing entry points and making your property less attractive to possums. It is important to promptly address the damage caused by possums to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and value of your property.

Professional Possum Removal Services

There are many advantages to using a professional possum removal service. First and foremost, professionals have the experience and expertise to safely and effectively remove possums from your roof. They also have the proper equipment and tools to do the job right, minimizing the risk of injury to you and the possums. Additionally, professional removal services typically offer guarantees or warranties on their work, giving you peace of mind that the problem will be resolved.

When choosing a professional possum removal service, there are a few key factors to consider. First, look for a company that has experience working with possums specifically. Also, check if the company is licensed and insured, as this can give you added protection in case something goes wrong. Reading reviews or asking for recommendations from friends or family members who have used similar services can also be helpful.

You can expect a few things when you hire a professional possum removal service. First, the service will likely start with inspecting your roof and home to identify the extent of the possum infestation and any damage that may have been caused. From there, the removal process will begin, which may involve trapping and relocating the possums or using other humane removal techniques. Once the possums have been removed, the service may offer cleanup and repair services to address any damage caused. Throughout the process, the removal service should keep you informed and updated on the progress of the removal and any next steps that need to be taken.


In conclusion, possum infestations can be inconvenient and even pose serious risks to your property and health. Regarding possum removal in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Clean and Green Pest Management is the best choice for homeowners looking for a safe and humane solution. With their team of trained and experienced professionals, they are equipped to handle any possum infestation and provide long-term solutions to prevent them from returning. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and environmentally-friendly practices also sets them apart from other pest control services in the area. Don’t let a possum infestation cause further damage to your property – contact Clean and Green Pest Management today and let them handle the problem with care and efficiency.