Exploring White Ant Treatments for Your Commercial Space

white ant treatment

Keeping your commercial space well-maintained and professional is a must in presenting a good first impression. However, there may be a number of challenges preventing you from having such a clean office.

Pests such as white ants can gravely damage your space, feeding on the wood of the tables and leaves of the office plants in your commercial area. When mishandled, these light-coloured bugs may just try to swarm and bite too. 

The negative effects that white ants can bring to your workplace and employees is a definite cause for concern. However, rest assured, there are ways of stopping these pests from infiltrating your building and causing more harm. White ant treatment options were made specifically to target these little pests. Keep reading to learn more.

Checking the Treatment Options

Although some business owners may delegate the task of handling chemicals and treating the space to an employee, it’s best to get in touch with a professional pest control company. This investment would ensure that your place is free of any white ants or manmade damages.

There is a variety of methods and products that can help in removing white ants from your commercial property. Here are a couple of treatment options:

  • Baiting. The white ant termite baiting process can help with properties where the ants are within the building rather than the surface of it. Thoroughly drawing out and targeting the white ant colony can help in effectively exterminating them. 
  • Dustings. A specific dust mix that can be spread through the commercial space’s workings can contaminate throughout the white-ant colony. This contaminant causes white ants to turn on one another, leaving it easier to remove them.
  • Foams. Termite foam was curated specifically for damaged timber wood where white ants are still active. Having the foam absorb and disappear into the crevices of the infestation can help kill the pests. 
  • Liquid Insecticides. This is reserved more for the exterior of your commercial space, such as surrounding greenery where white ants may be plaguing the greenery. Insecticides are injected into the trees to eliminate a whole colony of white ants.

Scheduling the Treatment Options

It’s best to have these white ant treatment options executed after the construction of the commercial space, though there are suggestions to have pre-construction precautions in place. Be sure to communicate with your pest control experts on the best schedule for the treatment.

Keep in mind that a special inspection should be done before any of the treatment options are carried out. This preliminary check will help determine whether multiple treatment options should be executed to clear your commercial space.

Keeping Safety Tips

While treatment options are being done, it’s best to have a few safety tips in store. Place a high priority on your wooden materials. It’s suggested to have furniture and trees treated to prevent the white ants from being attracted to them. Good ventilation and clean drains are also a must to make the environment better and unseemly for white ants.


Having white ant treatment options carried out can protect your commercial space from insects and their chaos. Plus, you wouldn’t have to break a sweat. Removing the whole colony will be as easy as calling up the experts and letting them take the lead in the situation.

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