3 Pests Warehouses Need Protection From

3 Pests Warehouses Need Protection From

Pest invasions can damage any business operation, regardless of what industry you’re in. It can cause halts in operations, damage to product stock and thousands of dollars worth of repair costs.

Warehousing facilities have a particular vulnerability to pest invasions since they have the best conditions to attract uninvited guests, especially warehouses that store dry goods and beverages. This is why business owners must be cautious about implementing safety and security protocols around their storage locations.

Identifying the common pest invaders for warehouses

Protecting your storage facilities from different situations is crucial for your company. Any potential damages to it, from thieves to fires and other natural calamities, can prevent you from running your business’s operations. Besides these large-scale attacks, you should also reinforce your facility for attacks from smaller critters. 

Pest invasions don’t just compromise your warehouse’s security; they also endanger the safety of handling your stored items. This is why you should know what pests to anticipate and how to prepare for them.

In this article, we will share three pests warehouses need protection from.

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are small and can nest in the small crevices in your property, which is why they’re troublesome to detect and exterminate. Since they shelter in hard-to-reach places, you have to do more than the standard cleaning methods to exercise hygiene in your warehouse. Additionally, they can hide in machinery and appliances around your property.

Unlike other pests on this list, cockroaches are present all year-round. This is why you must always prepare for them, regardless of the season. If you spot one cockroach in your site, there’s a high chance that there are more lurking in your property.

2. Rodents

Rodents are common pests in urban areas, especially if your storage site is close to cities. Rodent nests like to stay close to food sources with dark and damp environments, which is why warehouses are one of their frequent targets. They can enter your property through vents, doors, windows and even weak walls.

Besides dealing with structural damage to your warehouse, they can also spread harmful diseases through their hair, saliva and excretions. Rats usually transmit salmonella and leptospirosis, which can contaminate your food products. These health risks require you to employ pest protection measures to protect your staff and customers.

3. Birds

Although birds are generally harmless, their nesting practices can damage your warehouse over time. Birds prefer to roost in buildings with open spaces and tall ceilings, which is why it can be challenging to shoo them away.

If there are plenty of food sources and resting places in the area, birds can pose as safety hazards from their droppings. Thankfully, you can implement proactive pest control installations to prevent them from staying in your property. Putting wire mesh on your windows and vents to avoid them from building a roost is an excellent way to keep them off your warehouse.


Many business owners choose companies that have pest minimisation features as a defence against pest issues. However, prevention won’t do much if you already have them breeding in your property. If this is your warehouse’s condition, you should contact pest control companies to handle your specific pest infestation.

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