4 Things to Remember to Manage Pests Found in Schools

Things to Remember to Manage Pests Found in Schools

No place is safe for the sudden infestation of pests. Whether it’s your home, office, or school, there are always chances of coming across rats, cockroaches, termites, fleas, and ants. If you aren’t careful and don’t call for pest inspection right away, your health could be on the line!

Children spend most of their time in school, that’s why it’s essential to do whatever it takes to keep pests from evading classrooms, the cafeteria, and other places that could become a breeding ground for pests. 

If a school is infested with pests, not only will students become ill, but there will be corresponding property damages as well. Keep reading below to find out the things you should remember doing to help manage pests and maintain the safety and welfare of everyone on campus.

Don’t Forget to Seal Food and Drinks

Pests are attracted to food and dirty things, so it’s essential to remind students to make it a habit of bringing food and drinks in tightly sealed containers. Even the mere sight of crumbs and food particles can lure pests. 

Besides that, garbage cans and recyclable containers should be collected right away to avoid attracting pests. Most of the time, they will enter a room with no one in sight and feed on leftovers that were forgotten or accidentally overlooked. 

Don’t Forget to Monitor the School Campus

It’s crucial to know the specific areas of the school that can serve as a potential breeding ground for pests. The cafeteria is the number one place to find problems due to the amount of food and beverages located there. Student lockers that offer dark spots can contain unfinished lunches and attract pests as well.

Other than that, school bathrooms serve as a place for pests to hide in due to their damp and poorly ventilated conditions. Garbage bins and dumpsters that contain a copious amount of waste can also attract all kinds of pests.

Don’t Forget to Sanitize School Areas

One way to maintain proper pest control in schools is by striving to sanitise all school areas, so pests are less likely to appear out of nowhere. Since they are attracted to dirty places, it’s crucial to let students, teachers, and personnel know to clean after themselves at all times. 

You can also minimise the cause of infestation if the school grounds are maintained every day, and all food and drink waste are thrown away properly. A well-kept school can decrease the chances of attracting pests who are looking for a dirty place to seek shelter in and reproduce unsparingly.  

Don’t Forget to Accomplish Maintenance Issues

Schools that face a lot of renovations and constructions are more likely to become infested by pests due to the temporary situation of the areas that require repairs. Faulty pipes, broken floors, and cracked walls can easily serve as openings for pests to enter the school premises.

A company offering child-friendly pest control services is your best bet to keeping the pests at bay while you continue to get all areas fixed and maintained as fast as possible. It’s also necessary to watch out for any issues that need to be addressed with repairs. 


If you want to keep pests from causing trouble inside the school, it’s essential to always remember the tips above. Besides that, an eco-friendly pest control company can also assist you in extinguishing the pests and guaranteeing the safety and good health of everyone on campus.

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