4 Common Pests in Commercial Roofs: What to Watch Out For

4 common pests in commercial roofs

When running a business with a brick-and-mortar store or commercial facility, remember that your guests or customers pay attention to more than just your products, services, or customer service. They also take notice of the look and feel of your space. For example, if they hear strange noises on the roof, they are more likely to get weirded out and avoid heading to your place next time.

The cause of these scratching sounds coming from the roof is likely pests that feel at home on your property. While they may not be something to panic about, they also shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides carrying diseases, they can chew through your insulation and wires and cause other damage to your place of business. They will also drive your customers away once they are seen in broad daylight.

To have a better idea of which pests may be on your roof, here are some common ones you have to prepare for:


Birds can turn your roof spaces into their homes. They are generally harmless, but they can cause water damage when their nests get caught in your gutter. Their droppings are also highly acidic and spread diseases. Additionally, your customers may find them bothersome since they contribute to noise pollution.

If you notice bird nests on your roof, seek professional pest control right away. You can also contact your roofing contractor to have the nests removed and make necessary repairs to your roof.


Another common roof pest you should watch out for are rodents, such as rats and mice. These unwanted pests are most active at night. They gnaw at almost anything to keep their teeth sharp, so pay attention to gnawing sounds coming from the roof and look for holes and chewed structures.


Possums are considered one of Australia’s native marsupials. While they look cute, they will keep your guests awake at night once they have moved into your commercial property.

If you are running a hotel and your guests are frequently complaining about loud screeches, hisses, grunts, and growls coming from the roof, you likely have possums. But instead of attempting to remove it yourself, call a professional specialising in environmentally friendly pest control.


Many wood-loving insects find roofs irresistible, particularly the framing. For example, carpenter ants are attracted to moist wood, so if you have a leaky roof, they will consider this as a green light for infestation. You should also watch out for dry wood termites, bees, and wasps since they sting, cause allergic reactions, and deal structural damage to your roof or walls.


Roof-dwelling pests can do more damage than just munching through your roof, walls, and plumbing. They can even hurt your reputation and drive your guests or customers away, causing you to spend a lot of money not only on repairs and pest management but also on fixing your public image. For this reason, don’t ignore the pests on your roof. Make sure to call experts right away.

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