Here Are 7 Effective Pest Control Tips for Your Boat

Cruising in your boat can be the best experience, but it can also mean battling an army of mosquitoes, fleas, rodents and other pests that invade your boat when you’re there and when you are not.

It only takes one or two critters to do a lot of damage. Protect your boat and its value with these proven pest control tips.

1. Use Ultrasonic Sound Devices

Ultrasonic sound gadgets are generally used in yards and gardens to keep deer, skunks and other creatures away from their turf. Recently, boaters have followed suit and have been using ultrasonic sound devices on their boats as well.

These ultrasonic sounds can be heard only by specific animals (including bats and bears), but the human ear does not detect them. Some of these gadgets stake into the ground and are solar-powered, so you never have to worry about batteries running out. They’re an excellent choice for keeping pests away from your dock.

2. Consider Pellet Repellents

Some pests are repelled by pellets, including sea birds, rats and mice. You can find these pellets in the poultry section or garden section of the store. You can also purchase these pellets online.

Run the pellets through a feed chopper, then mix them with peanut butter or honey. You can also use these pellets to block openings that pests might take advantage of when you aren’t on your boat.

3. Keep Your Boat Clean

It might seem like a lot of work to keep your boat clean, but it’s really not that hard. If you’re worried about the work involved, you can always hire a cleaning service. You’re also bound to save money on cleaning supplies when you do.

4. Clean the Hull Regularly

If you have a boat with bare metal parts, you’re going to need to keep a close eye on the hull. The metal can be scaly and flaky, which isn’t good for your boat’s appearance. Clean the hull regularly, even if it doesn’t look yellow or flaky.

5. Dry-Dock Your Boat Regularly

Dry-docking is great for protecting your boat. The hull is dry, and the hull is off of your boat. If you can’t dry-dock your boat as often as you should, consider getting a boat cover.

6. Consider Bow Rail Lines

Some boaters who have problems with seagulls or bigger birds have discovered a solution: a rail guard. A rail guard can prevent these nuisance birds from roosting on a vessel’s bow, which is usually within proximity of a tree limb. In many cases, the primary spot where seagulls and other species of birds land is the railing of a vessel’s bow.

7. Try Mothballs and Dryer Sheets

Mothballs have a powerful smell, but they do the job. If you can’t stand the smell of mothballs, you can use an alternative. Some boaters swear by the scent of Irish Spring soap or dryer sheets.

Protect Your Boat

Pest control for boats has been a serious concern for the marina managers and owners. Pests like rats, roaches and fleas have caused considerable monetary damage to boats and their value. However, some anti-pest control measures have proven quite effective in protecting your boat from these critters, like the ones we’ve mentioned above. But for a foolproof solution to pests in your boat, go for a pest control company.

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