Top 5 Common Pest Problems in Commercial Spaces

Pest problems are not entirely for residential properties only. They also bring threats when they try to invade commercial spaces. And if you’re operating a food business, pest infestation is not an option because they bring food-borne diseases that can make contact with the food you serve. This scenario also comes with a lot of health code violations, fines and many derogatory remarks. And this case wouldn’t be ideal and safe for your business.

One example is a McDonald’s food chain in Brisbane. In 2013, this chain was fined an amount of $70,000 after a team of council inspectors found pest bait on an ice container, cockroach traces all over the place and even cockroaches on several parts of the area. They also found heaps of grease and grime on the kitchen floors located near the wash area as well as leftover food waste on the slicer.

Now if you currently have pest problems, try as much as you can to manage them so you can keep your business running and of course, your reputation. If you don’t know where to start, you can always hire a professional commercial pest control company that can take care of your problem effectively, fast and discreetly. 

For you to understand what type of pests can invade your commercial space, then here are the top five common pest problems encountered in commercial sector space.


Cockroaches are very common in homes and even in commercial buildings. They usually go out at night to look for food in the kitchen, storage bins, trash bins, sewers and drains. They are known for their filthy habits, awful smell and the diseases they may carry.

They are difficult to handle because they can even thrive even without any source of food and water for a week. That’s why when dealing with these pests, it’s best that you do regular preventative measures. 

One common example of cockroaches is German cockroaches which are known to carry bacteria, viruses and even parasites on their faeces and bodies. And these can cause dysentery, diarrhoea and other critical health conditions.

With this in mind, it is not really advisable to manage and treat cockroaches by yourself, especially in a commercial setting. Your best choice is to hire a professional pest control company that can apply the right insecticides, insect growth regulators, dusts and aerosols to effectively eliminate the cockroaches.


Ants can easily invade a commercial establishment and can establish a single ant colony in a certain premise of your building, housing as many as 30,000 ants. They can create various entry points and galleries through decaying and moist wood within your building and once they start to reside in your property, it will be difficult for you to manage them. 

Carpenter ants are known to cause major structural damages to commercial buildings so make sure that you call an experienced and professional pest control extermination contractor when you see the very first sign of infestation.


Rodents are attracted to food, so make sure that you do proofing or exclusion so these creatures won’t get inside your building. You also need to make sure that all premises are clean and free of food remains. If you need to store food, then make sure they are tightly sealed or in airtight compartments or containers.


Fly infestations can be a common situation in the commercial sector, especially in the food industry. So the key in successfully managing flies is to manage any rubbish materials including your trash bins. With that said, make sure that all your bins are properly sealed and cleaned regularly.

These insects can become a major problem because of their ability to lay hundreds of eggs and their ability to carry and transfer diseases. So, the best way to deal is cleanliness and in a worst-case scenario, is to hire professional pest exterminators.


Bedbugs are harder to detect, especially in the initial stages of infestation. In hospitality services and hotels, it is crucial to inspect and replace beddings regularly to check for any signs of bedbugs and to prevent them from thriving. It’s also important to check the mattresses and the bedsheets for reddish or rusty stains. 

If you see yellow eggshells, then these might be a clear sign that nymphs are present and will mature into adult bedbugs. You need to apply immediate treatment measures to get rid of them as soon as possible.


Most of the time, you cannot apply DIY treatments, especially in large-scale commercial spaces. This is why hiring a professional pest control company is the best choice for you. They apply a more holistic and integrated pest management approach when dealing with pests.

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