How Much Does Mulch Attract Termites?

mulch attract termites

Mulching is one of  the best ways to keep plants healthy. Additionally, it can be used as a replacement for lawn grass. Therefore, mulch becomes an irreplaceable element in the garden. However, what if the mulch gets infested with pests, such as termites? 

How Mulch Attracts Termites

Termites form colonies, and they eat cellulose and wood. They are also known as silent killers because they’re almost invisible. Termites often flock in a specific area where wood is in contact with soil; from there, they eat everything wooden. So, what do you do when you find termites in your mulch? 

Can you bring termites to your property from store bought mulch?

People are often concerned that when buying mulch from stores or landscaping supplies that the mulch could come infested with termites that could then spread into there property while it is definitely possible to buy mulch with live termites within it is not likely that they will survive as they are separated from there colony which they need in order to survive and would eventually perish without their support. 

How to Deal With Termites 


The best thing you can do when you discover termites in mulch is to call a professional to carry out a extensive termite inspection of your property and surrounding areas because even if you have only spotted  a couple of termite in the mulch it is in fact a much bigger problem as it means a termite nest is in striking distance of your property and could even be in already in concealed areas of your property without you knowing.

 What mulches are resistant to termites ?

If possible it is best to not use mulch at all especially around the perimeter of your house as not only can it be used as a food source for termites it can also hold moisture near the foundations of your building which may entice termites to the area another thing to keep in mind is even treated mulch can break down over time and become susceptible to termites attack.

Here is a list of Australian termite resistant mulch that are termite resistant:

  • Tea tree mulch : The tea tree old in the mulch actually helps to repel termites.
  • Treated mulch: This is chemically treated similar to treated timber used in construction but will eventually break down over time.
  • Cedar mulch:This mulch contains resins that are toxic to termites 
  • Cypress Heartwood: like cedar mulch the resins found in this timber is also toxic to termites 

Prevent Termites

If you choose to use mulch around your property here some tips to reduce your risk of termite attack.

  • Regularly inspect mulch for signs of termite activity and if found call in a termite professional
  • Replace mulch regularly this will help ensure the termite resistant quality’s of the mulch are actively repelling termites 
  • Keep mulch away from weep holes and slab edge and external foundations So termites cannot use this to conceal their workings.

Get Rid of Termites Today

If you believe you may have activity termite in your mulch it is best to first have a professional termite inspection carried out then use recommendations above to make your property less conducive to termite activity. 

For safe pest control in Sydney, Clean and Green Pest is here for you. We treat and eradicate all common pests found around your home, such as termites. Contact us today.