What You Should Know About Finding Termites in Your Trees

Termites are associated with being house pests that damage wooden structures and other items. Naturally, termites also end up infesting actual trees as well. However, most homeowners who have backyards are usually completely unaware that there are termites already nesting in trees. This can make a termite infestation is incredibly difficult to detect as the signs can often concealed within the tree itself.

It’s always best to be proactive and inspect suspected for trees or stumps for possible concealed activity within. The termites won’t just stay in the nest  they’re living in because they are constantly foraging for timber as a food source to feed there colony.

Not only is there the risk of termites causing damage to your property they can also cause a tree to weaken which includes risk of termite damaged branches dropping on people or, worse, the entire tree just falling on your entire house or your neighbour’s place.

 How you can find termites around trees

Before you go about figuring out how to kill termites in a tree, you need to be able to find them first. There is a common misconception that termites are only interested in nesting in dead wood. In reality, a number of termite species actually live in healthy trees. Even the healthiest of trees will not be safe from termites.

Termite nest can be difficult to detect even for trained professionals but Two key ways you can detect or spot termites include spotting termites mudding of leads or mud packing  to the exterior of the tree using a screwdriver as well as inspecting flight holes which reproductive termites use to leave the nest.

Another way to detect the presence of termites is to Dig out a thin surface layer near the tree’s trunk where you may spot live termites entering the nest ,

How do professionals detect termites in trees

While professional use the methods listed above a other way termites specialist detect termite nest concealed in trees or stumps is to drill a tiny hole with a downward angle into the trunk until you reach its centre with a specialized drill bit and drill. When drilling into the tree a sign that you have detected a termite nest is when you are suddenly met with less, weaker resistance, it’s an indication that the trunk is hollow. That means termites are more likely to get to the tree then a temperature probe or camera is inserted to detect for live termites within the nest..


Termites in trees are a big problem because it dramatically increases the risks that they  may eventually attack your property also the rail of weakened trees falling on your property

If you find that your trees have a termite problem, it’s best to work with the experts to eliminate them entirely.

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