6 Valuable Tips for Effective Pest Control at Businesses

6 Valuable Tips for Effective Pest Control at Businesses

Businesses generally employ various services to keep their business running at optimal levels. Yet, one of the most important ones that shouldn’t be overlooked is investing in reliable pest control services because it can save them lots of trouble in the long run. Pest infestations can cost you not only time and money but also your reputation. The last thing you want is for a disappointed customer posting on social media about pests on your property!

If you find pests on your property, the best thing for you to do is immediately call a professional pest control company to remedy the situation. Whether you need white ant treatment or something else, letting an expert do it can ensure better results than doing it yourself. 

However, what can you do, as a property manager, to prevent the occurrence of pests? Here are six valuable tips for effective pest control at your establishment:

1. Be careful with your landscaping

Any area could indeed be transformed by landscaping. If you aren’t careful, though, you can bring in more than just beautiful ornamental plants. Did you know that some plants and trees draw pests more than others do? For this reason, it’s wise to talk to your landscaper to ensure that they know which plants to include and avoid.

2. Always keep your drains clean

Any debris that goes down your drain does not magically disappear. In time, all the food wastes and other things in your drains will start attracting pests. Unfortunately, these pests are experts in finding even the tiniest cracks through which they can enter. It’s good practice to clean your drains to prevent this from happening regularly.

3. Properly dispose of rotting food and clean fountains or trays

If there’s any food in storage or processing facilities, make sure that you practice the “first in and first out” rule. This will significantly reduce the chances of having rotting food on your property, which can attract flies and other insects. The same goes for soda fountains or drip trays – they require regular cleaning if you don’t want them to be a breeding ground for pests. Regular cleaning also ensures that customers don’t have bad experiences with your services!

4. Do regular roof inspections

It’s easy to forget all about your roofing because you don’t see it every day. But that’s what could cause you the biggest problem if you leave it neglected. Make sure you hire professionals to inspect your rooftop, clean the gutters, and ensure that there are no damages that could be an entrance for pests.

5. Check for moisture

When there’s an excessive amount of moisture inside your offices, it could easily lead to pest problems. If you notice moisture, use a commercial-grade fan at night that dries even those areas that are hard to reach.

6. Make sure that there is no standing water

Insects like mosquitoes love standing water, while other pests like roaches and rats also prefer damp areas. This is why you must ensure that there is no standing water anywhere. Check plant pots, empty bottles, bins, and even potholes regularly, to avoid stagnant water. For places where water accumulates, spraying organic pest control may help prevent insects from occupying those spaces.


At this point, you now know more about keeping your business area free from harmful pests, especially when you follow the tips shared above. Yet sometimes, even with these strategies in place, pests can still find their way in. In such cases, you may need more experienced hands to remedy the situation, and this is where pest control experts come into the picture.

Clean and Green Pest Managers can provide you with reliable services related to organic pest control in Sydney, Northern Beaches, and other areas. We can eradicate common pests that could cause trouble in your business, so you won’t have to worry about them. Get in touch with us today to request a quote!