The Dos and Don’ts of Dealing With Termites

dealing with termites

Many people have spotted active termites crawling around their wall cavities, which are often a creamy colour while sporting grey or brown heads. Termites can establish their colony in your house over several years, making them even harder to eradicate. If you spot insects of this description, your home may be infested with termites.

If you suspect that you have termites invading your home, you have every right to be worried. These tiny wood-eating pests can damage your property’s structural integrity, so it can be tempting to remove them yourself. However, disturbing or touching suspected termite infestations can lead to more harm than good, so it’s best left to termite control in Northern Beaches to take care of your problem.

Here are the dos and don’ts of dealing with termites:

1. Don’t Panic

It can be easy to start panicking at the sight of termites. Still, keep in mind that your house won’t fall apart right overnight. While it may take a few days to get organic pest control to resolve the problem, the time that has passed won’t worsen the damage caused to your home.

2. Don’t Touch the Termites

It may be tempting to fix the problem yourself right away, but disturbing them can cause the termites to hide from you, making it harder for eco-friendly pest control in Sydney to care for the infestation. Touching the termites may ultimately be more expensive, especially if you break a portion of the mud tunnel cover. For best results, leave them and wait for the professionals to come in. 

3. Don’t Listen to Your Neighbours’ Advice

You may feel tempted to seek your neighbours’ advice about your termite problem. After all, if you’ve had it, they’ve probably experienced it as well, right? However, remember that they aren’t experienced pest control professionals, which means they don’t know the most efficient and effective ways to get rid of the infestation. You may also end up worsening the problem by listening to DIY advice from them, including spraying insecticides, cover slab edges with soil, and disturb termite workings before the start of the treatment program.

4. Do Call an Expert

When faced with a termite infestation, the best thing to do is contact pest control right away. The sooner you get in touch with a reputable company, the better, as they can begin the treatment program right away and ultimately remove the termites. They can also take steps to make sure you never experience a termite infestation ever again.

5. Do Be Patient

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for getting rid of termite infestations overnight. Termite treatments need enough time to be effective, so patience is key to dealing with pests. In the meantime, you can work with pest control to find ways to manage the infestation or avoid disturbing them throughout the treatment.

6. Do Monitor Your Home for Termite Activity

If you have a termite infestation in your home, you may want to inspect your property for termite activity to entirely understand the problem. You can review the timber frames in your home, watch out for blistered paint, look for rippled or bulging wall linings, and survey the property for any termite mud galleries. Any sign of termite activity will necessitate immediate action to keep the infestation under control.


Termite infestations are a headache to deal with, but they can be more manageable when remembering these dos and don’ts. By leaving the problem in the hands of professionals, you’ll enjoy a pest-free home in no time!

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