How to Spot a Spider’s Nest Infesting Your Home

Nothing is more frustrating than coming home, and instead of relaxing, you find a nest of eight-legged spiders invading your space. The creepy crawlies can make even hardened hearts wake with fright, and while spiders have an important role to play in the environment, their presence is still unwelcome if it means they’re making themselves comfortable in your abode.

Spiders are generally harmless despite their Halloween-esque looks compared to other pesky home invaders, but they can still impact your health in more ways than one. Aside from living with a higher risk of coming down with a fever due to a spider bite, it’s also not a comforting thought to settle down with spiders lurking in the shadows.

With that in mind, what are the factors you need to look for when identifying whether you have a spider infestation right under your roof?

Tell-Tale Signs of a Spider Infestation

Sign #1: Webs

One of the more obvious symptoms of a spider invasion is when you spot webs hanging on the dark corners of your home. Seeing occasional webs every now and then is normal, but when they resurface even after you dusted them off, then it’s a clear indication that there is a spider’s nest living in your home.

Keep in mind that spiders love to hang out in dark, dingy nooks and crannies, so be on the lookout for webs in places such as your closets, attic, garage, or crawl spaces.

Sign #2: Spider Eggs

Webs are easier to identify, but it can be tricky to tell if spider eggs are waiting to get hatched. The good news is that a bit of research is all it takes to learn how to spot eggs! With that in mind, the one quality that can reveal what you’re seeing is spider eggs when you see tiny cotton balls woven using the same string as a web.

Egg sacs are typically connected to a web or any surface by a long, shiny string, the same ones they use to create webs. Just like webs, spider eggs can be found in dark spots like cabinets.

Sign #3: Spiders

Naturally, seeing a lot of spiders hanging in your home means there is likely a nest hiding in the shadows. Again, it’s normal to see spiders popping up occasionally, but seeing them frequently indicates more spiders behind the scenes.

The Bottom Line: Simple Ways to Identify a Spider Infestation in Your Home

Compared to other pest infestations, determining whether there is a spider’s nest in your home can be trickier to tell for unsuspecting eyes. Increasing your awareness by taking the factors above into account can help you address unwanted invasions in your home and allow you to call the right pest control services that can ethically remove them from your space.

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