tick pest control northern beaches

Sydney Tick Control and Eradication

Northern Beaches tick eradication and removal services. Why ticks are classified as a pest? Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of humans and animals. There are more than 800 species of ticks around the world, with 70 found in Australia and 16 species have been reported as feeding on humans. The most relevant […]

spider removal northern beaches

Spider Removal and Control

Northern Beaches Spider Control & Removal Services Spiders can cause nasty bites and some can be fatal. In Australia deaths are rare although there are many documented cases of people becoming very sick after being bitten by one of our toxic spiders. Spiders cause panic and alarm particularly around children and parents. Our spider treatment and […]

silver fish control northern beaches

Silverfish Control and Eradication

Silverfish Treatment Services Northern Beaches Silverfish survive in most environments, but thrive in conditions of high humidity and can often be found in dark, damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and garages. Our silverfish treatment methods A silverfish infestation requires treatment of both adult silverfish and their harbourage. Our certified technicians will be able to assess […]

bird control northern beaches

Bird Control and Eradication

Our bird control and eradication services First we will conduct a inspection of the site and identify the pest bird species and come up with the most effective / cost effective option for control. Bird control options Depending upon the specifies and extent of infestation, our bird control options may include Proofing/ netting of the […]


Wasp & Bee Control Eradication

Bee and wasp nest removal Northern Beaches Wasps Wasps are a diverse  group, estimated at over a hundred thousand described species around the world, and a great many more as yet undescribed. Social wasps are considered pests when they become excessively common or nest close to buildings. People are most often stung in late summer, when […]


Flea Control and Eradication

Northern Beaches flea treatment and eradication service. Our flea treatment methods First our licensed pest inspector will carry out an inspection of your property. A quick walk through the house should reveal the presence of fleas. We blanket spray all internal areas of your house including all rooms and areas your pets have access to. […]


Bed Bug Control & Eradication

Bed bug treatment services Northern Beaches. Bed bug removal treatment Clean and Green Pest Management specialises in commercial and domestic bed bug control. Depending upon the extent of the infestation we may use one or several of the following bed bug eradication and treatment methods: A thorough inspection is conducted to entire room/rooms including furniture. […]

cockroach control northern beaches

Cockroach Control and Eradication

Northern Beaches cockroach treatment services. Signs of cockroach activity and infestation Droppings : Cockroach droppings resemble pepper and larger droppings of around 2mm can have ridges along their sides and have blunt ends Casts : Cockroaches cast off their outer body or skeleton during their life and you may notice these in various areas around […]