What You Need to Know to Address Silverfish Effectively


If you know what silverfish are, you would know about the destruction left in the wake of an infestation. This could result in holes all over your clothes, upholstery, and other fabrics seemingly out of nowhere. Silverfish are quite a nuisance, and they can damage priceless books, expensive fabrics, and more. The problem is even worse when they target businesses, chewing away at precious inventory items or equipment.

Want to get rid of the silverfish from your business? If so, here is what you need to know to address the problem effectively:

How the silverfish looks

Silverfish are tiny bugs around half to three-fourths of an inch in length. Their bodies slowly taper with three tail-looking appendages at the end. Due to their slim and sleek body, they can hide almost anywhere. Since they are nocturnal, they are also incredibly tough to spot.

How the silverfish impacts business

A silverfish infestation can severely impact a business. For instance, silverfish can feed on the sugar and flour in a bakery. If the business is a paper-product company, the silverfish can chew through the stock. Generally, silverfish eat polysaccharides which include starch and cellulose. Any items like flour, silk, paper, hair, glue, and many other polysaccharide-containing products are at risk of silverfish damage.

How you can address the silverfish issue

There are plenty of ways you can address the silverfish problem. First, if you are a restaurant, you can start by storing all your grains, sugars, and other cellulose-related products in tight containers to prevent access. Second, you can keep the place hair and dust-free, reducing the amount of food the silverfish has access to. Other efforts like keeping the place dry, implementing rain gutters, or applying paint to reduce moisture are effective at keeping the silverfish at bay.

While it may not eliminate the silverfish right away, these efforts will reduce their population significantly. This lowers the chances of silverfish attacking your food, clothes, and the like and also reduces the likelihood that a customer sees one scurrying around in your commercial property. This does not bode well for the customer’s mind, and can seriously hurt your reputation.


If you find your battle with the silverfish is not working, we highly recommend working with silverfish pest control services. They have access to the right equipment and the know-how to battle these pests effectively, ensuring that your business is free from silverfish and that your assets are safe and secure. 

That said, we are not saying to completely ignore other efforts. Implementing them can keep silverfish and many other pests away. For example, keeping food products in air-tight containers can drive away other pests like rodents and such, and keeping your commercial property as moisture-free as possible will reduce problems like mould and mildew. 

Regardless, if you do notice silverfish problems in your business, act right away. The damage will only worsen if you ignore the issue. The faster you act, the easier the job at hand.

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