Office Pests: The Signs and the Proper Way to Eliminate Them

Office Pests: The Signs and the Proper Way to Eliminate Them

A well-maintained and healthy working environment is essential to your business’s success. So if you have a pest infestation in your establishment, it can interrupt your operations, decrease your productivity, and even harm your brand’s reputation. In addition, it can even affect your goods as these creepy creatures can crawl and buzz around and carry disease-causing pathogens. To determine if there are pests in your building and what you should do to eliminate them, feel free to use this article as your guide.

How Can I Tell If There Are Pests in My Establishment?

Actual pest sightings are the best way to determine if there are pests present in your office. But if you need more information to confirm if your building is infested, here are some signs you should watch out for:

Infested food 

Stocking up on nutritious snacks and drinks in your office pantry or break rooms can boost employee morale and ensure that your employees have sufficient energy to accomplish their tasks throughout the day. When pests have paid a visit to your precious food supply, your team members can feel that their safety or health was put at risk. 

Your employees can also choose to seek compensation, increasing your expenses. Worse, pest infestation could lead them to decide to leave your company. Put a stop to this problem by seeking experts specialising in environmentally friendly pest control.

Dead bugs, shed skins, and droppings

Another sign that indicates your building has a pest problem is seeing shed skins and dead bugs. You may commonly see them on the floor, shelves, window sills, or in cracks where walls and carpets meet. If you see insect or rodent droppings, it is a clear sign that pests are present on your property and could be consuming your food. 

Wood shavings, sawdust, and the sound of hollow wood

An office primarily made with wood and decorated with wooden furniture and other wooden items can create a welcoming atmosphere and classy look, but wood can get affected by pests. Some signs you should look out for are wood shavings, sawdust, and the sound of hollow wood. If you spotted three of these signs, termites, wood-boring insects, or a certain species of ants are hiding in your building.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Pest Control? 

You can get rid of pests in a safe way using organic pest control. Here are some benefits of using this type of pesticide:


Organic pesticides contain natural biological oils, which are scents mixed with safer chemicals used to eliminate pests. These are made only from the scientific makeup of natural substances, making them unique in preventing pests.


Many mistakenly assume that organic pesticides are ineffective than chemical ones, but it is a misconception. In fact, natural pest control is likely to give more lasting and effective results because pests eventually become resistant to chemical pesticides. It is also healthier since it is free of any harmful chemicals.


Pest infestations in your office can lead to a significant loss of revenue. If you suspect that pests are taking up your office space, watch out for the signs listed above. You should also contact experienced commercial pest control professionals like us to eradicate all pests in your property and ensure a safe, healthy, and productive working environment.

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