How Much Do Termite Treatments Cost – Our Professional Guide

In this article We are going to discuss how much termite treatment typically costs.

When it comes to termite treatments one job is never the same and there are many variables that influence the overall cost of the treatment as well as which termite management system is best suited for your property.

These include:

  • The overall size of the property as well as the construction type (Eg. Concrete slab or suspended flooring , sloping block)
  • Accessibly is also a key factor is there good access underneath your property? or will access need to be created
  • The species of termites (Some termites species are more difficult to eradicate then others) this can play a factor in pricing
  • Is it a preventative treatment or have live termites been found in your property (Generally preventative treatments are cheaper then when live termites are found in your property)

What type of termite termite treatments are there?

Stage 1 -Colony treatments

This is the treatment of a active termite infestation via the use of registered termiticide in a attempt to eradicate the termite colony attacking your property.

above ground termite baiting

Above ground Baiting: This involves placement of above ground bait boxes which are placed on termite activity the bait is a mix of cellulose material similar to wood as well as a insect regulator which works by stopping the termites from moulting which will end up resulting in there death of the termites colony while this treatment can take some time it is one of the most effective methods as it guarantees the death of the termite colony it is also a very environmentally friendly option

(The cost of this treatment depends on the species and other factors but usually costs from $2000 – 3500 and take anywhere from 1-12 month to eliminate the termite colony)

termite dusting

Termite Foaming & Dusting: This method involves treatment of active termites workings with the use of dusts or foams which have a delayed effect so it increases the chances of termites taking the product to the nest however unlike termites baiting this is not guaranteed but one great positive of this treatment is it is fast acting compared to other treatment options this option should never be used as a stand alone treatment and should always be followed up my a stage 2 treatment as listed below

(This option usually requires a follow up treatment 14 days after to measure effectiveness of treatment this option typical costs from $800 – 1500)

Stage 2 – Termite management systems

This is the installation of a termite management system such as a chemical treated zone or termite monitoring system to stop termites from returning to the property or as a preventative treatment to help prevent termites from entering the property.

Chemical treated zones (chemical barriers:)

The Termiticide is applied as a continuous chemical soil zone around the external walls, footings and sub floor areas of a building. The termiticide is applied either by creating a trench or by injecting it into the ground. Because termites often use footpaths and patios to gain entry into a building, the termiticide can also be injected through these.

We allways recommend a non-repellent products are used instead of cheaper repellent termiticides as they are undetectable to termites. This means that they cannot see or smell the product and therefore will not avoid the treated area as the can with repellent products . As a result, the termites continue to randomly forage through the soil until they encounter the product . Once this happens they get a lethal dose which they transfer to other termites through there normal social behaviours.

The Advantage of these treatments is that it can provide up to 8 years physical protection and is a one of cost unlike other systems and maintenance is minimum.

(Depending on a number of factors the cost of a chemical barriers typically range anywhere from $2500- $6000)

Termite monitoring systems

termite monitoring installation

External in-ground monitoring stations will be installed to perimeter of the nominated structure. These stations contain wood that is attractive to termites once they start feeding a insect growth regulator is then added. The stations are placed at an average of 3 meter intervals but will not normal exceed 5 meter intervals , at an optimum distance of no more than 1 . 5 meters from the drip line of the nominated structure and will be inspected every 4 weeks when the system is active and every 8 weeks when it is not active..This is generally sold as a 12 month program that can be renewed at the end of this period at an additional cost.The Advantage of this termite management is that it is a great environmentally friendly option

(Depending on a number of factors the typical cost of a termite monitoring system is around $3000 – 6000)

What ask when hiring a termite control company

  • Are they insured? do they have professional indemnity and public liability insurance?
  • How many years experience do they have in the industry specifically termites also do they have experience in a range of termite management system or can they only give you one option?
  • Does the company use sub contractors or employees?
  • Do they offer warranty’s for there termite treatment?

This article is just a rough guide on the typical cost of termite treatments in the industry also be aware costs do vary from state to state as discussed above there are many factors that determine the cost of a termite management system also beware of company’s that give quotes over the phone as a onsite meeting is needed to give a accurate idea on quotation and to determine which termite management system best suits your property.

More information about our property pest inspections and termite eradication methods

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