How to detect termite or white ants in your home

Termite control and white ant treatments on Sydney’s Northern Beaches & North Shore.

Northern Beaches & North Shore home owners need to be on high alert when it comes to the early detection of termite infestation.

Termites, also called white ants, are such a threat to homes all across Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore as they can simply  can sneak up from the ground, silent and unseen, and begin eating away at the wooden structure of your home completely undetected for many years before you even know you have an infestation and sadly buy this time they have already caused a large amount of damage that can be in the thousands.

We were recently called to inspect a Northern Beaches property where the homeowners hadn’t had a termite inspection in over 10 years!

Our expert pest controller discovered a large amount of termite activity in the roof and sub-floor area and we were able to quickly and efficiently rid the property of termites and were able to protect the property from future outbreaks.

Unfortunately a large about of damage had already been caused however if a regular 12 monthly pest inspection had been carried out, as we recommend to our customers, early warning signs of termite activity would have been recognised, treated and further infestation swiftly avoided.

termite pest inspections northern beaches

Evidence of termite activity in an Avalon home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

How to detect termites and white ants

Below is a list of common warning signs you may have an active termite infestation at your property :

Signs of termite activity from outside the home

  • Damage and/or termite workings to timber retaining walls, trees and stumps, perimeter fences, and
  • Mud leads bridging concrete slab edges.
termite inspection northern beaches

Just because your house is built on steel posts it doesn’t mean you house isn’t at risk of termite attack termites will travel up nearly anything to reach were there going which could be your house.

Signs of termite activity from inside the home

  • You may hear clicking sounds when you have a large active termite infestation in your home. This is caused by the solider termites banging their heads when they are disturbed.
  • Evidence of flying termites. This can be a warning sign of activate termite infestation.
  • Papery or hollow sounding timbers as termite excavate timber the timber loses its structural integrity and becomes hollow sounding or papery in appearance.
  • Mud leads or mud packing as termites enter a structure they use mud leads and mud pack to protect them self’s and there workings from predators this can be a obvious sign you may have a active termite infestation
  • Uneven floors, ceilings, or walls. If a termite infestation is allowed to exist long enough period, termites will do a large about of damage to the entire structure of your home and you will start to see areas of your home. Doors and windows may stop functioning properly. There may be noticeable discolouration and loss of structural integrity in floors, ceilings and walls will become evident.
termite nest example

An example of a termite nest on a tree stump in a Northern Beaches garden.

Seek a professional pest inspection and termite treatment

While we have listed some common signs the home owner may look out for termites are extremely sneaky and sometimes there can be no obvious signs  you have a termite infestation and by be in difficult to access areas of your home and you won’t know what’s going on  until it is to late this is why it is extremely important to have your property inspected by a licenced, experienced termite inspector at least every 12 months.

MORE INFORMATION : If you have any questions about termite treatment and white ant protection or would like to arrange a professional pest inspection of your home or workplace, call or text our expert pest controller David Wright on 0477 688 496 for advice.

Termite Treatment and White Ant Protection Northern Beaches & North Shore.

If you have any questions about removing termites and white ants from your home or business premises, contact the team at Clean and Green Pest Management for obligation free advice.  We are your local Northern Beaches pest inspectors specialising in both traditional and the green pest control methods that are safe for your family and pets. Our licensed termite controllers can advise you on the safest and most sustainable ways to control and eradicate termites from your property.

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