DIY Termite Treatment VS Professional Termite Control, What you need to know!

As a homeowner finding termites in your home can be a absolute nightmare. Not only do you have to worry about the thousands of dollars in potential damage. You also have to eradicate them which can be costly.

Which is why many homeowners try to deal with them by carrying out DIY Termite Treatments. In this article we are going to cover the risks involved and why you should consider professional termite control instead.

Why you Should Not Risk DIY Termite Treatments

With the average cost a termite treatment costing from $1,000 – $6.000. You can see why many homeowners consider other options such as diy sprays. Often bought in hardware stores or online stores.

While it may be tempting to treat a termite infestation yourself there are many reasons why you should not.

  1. You are not properly trained, licensed or insured. To deal with termites and your lack of knowledge Could get you in serious trouble.
  2. Diy products such as sprays often just repel termites. They don’t eradicate the termite nest itself. Meaning they could reappear in another area causing damage without you knowing.
  3. You don’t have the equipment or safety gear to carry out the treatment safely and effectively.
  4. Another reason is you may scare off the termites. Making it more difficult or costly if a professional company takes over the treatment.
DIY Termite product sold at Bunnings

Termite damaged timber

Why should you have a professional deal with your termite infestation?

There are many reasons why you should use a termite professional termite management company. Here are some important reasons why below

  1. Companies follow Australian standard guidelines and industry standards in regards to termite management. They know how there products work and can identify the termite species and behaviour. They can also determine the best most effective methods of eradication.
  2. A company have the necessary trade licenses and industry insurances. Such as professional indemnity and public liability insurance meaning they are accountable. If the treatment fails or your property is damaged.
  3. They have the correct equipment such as tanks, pumps and drilling equipment. To effectively apply the products to the correct areas.
  4. Most companies will offer guarantees or warranties. Meaning in the unlikely event termites return after the initial treatment they will return free of charge.

Professional termite equipment


Your property is your biggest asset and you do not want to risk it.

You are best of getting the job done correctly the first time. Clean & green pest management specialise in all aspects of white ant treatments and inspections.