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Several termite species such as coptotermes acinaciformis and coptotermes frenchi are often found in trees and stumps of trees and also landscaping sleepers left in the ground. The termite species schedorhinotermes intermedius is also occasionally found in trees and stumps, particularly when stumps are covered by soil. In colonies which make mounds such as nasutitermes exitiosus, the nest area is more easily located as it is usually in the central area of the mound structure. Termites are able to attack timber in the ground and buildings by making subterranean galleries from the nest to the food sources (see diagram below).

Termite treatment : why it’s necessary to drill holes


Confirm the presence of termites as in many cases the tree may  look complete healthy from the outside and has no visual signs of mud packing, termite damage or presence of live termites and this can only be determined once the tree has been drilled and a temperature probe inserted and temperature readings are found in the low to high 30’s we can positively determine we have come in contact with the central nest of the termite colony as the normal ambient temperature inside a tree in is around 20-23 degrees.


Locate the central nest area another reason it is of vital importance for us to drill into the tree is so we can determine the location central colony of the nest by the use of our special design termite probe we can determine the most effective locate to apply our termiticide to effectively eliminate  the colony.

get rid of termites in tree

Diagram of a termite nest within a tree

How is it done?

Step 1 : First drill number of small holes usually no more than 3-4 holes per a tree. The first hole may be drilled into the basal area of the trunk and at about 45 degrees and towards the root crown. The second hole may be about one (1) metre from the ground and the third between the other two, but the location depends on this and results of the other two holes.

Step 2 : Once we have determined the best location to apply the termiticide is found we then select a non-repellent termiticide such as Termidor, Premise or a range of other products available on the market today and apply it  through the drill hole so it comes in  direct contact with the nest and effectively eliminates the colony while also preventing another termite colony inhabiting the same area with its residual effects we also trench around the perimeter of the tree and treat as well as part of the process.

removing termites in trees

Camera inspection inside a termites nest

removing termites in trees

Treatment of termite nest

Why we use non-repellents over repellant termiticides

Non-repellent termiticides are the newer technology and have a different way of killing termites then just repelling them at high enough dosage, the termiticide is lethal to the termite, however these products are a bit more sneaky in that the termite cannot detect its presence.  So as they move through treated they come in contact with it

These products have a “chain reaction” effect which means that the active ingredient can be transferred throughout the colony without being detected by the termites – resulting in colony elimination this is of great importance when we deal with termite species which a proven multi nester such as shedorhinotermes this allows us to be confident that the other nests will also be eliminated even if we only find one nesting site.

How many litres of Termiticide is needed to be applied to the tree ?

This usually depends on the size of the tree but usually 30-50 litres needs to be applied per a tree put if it is a particularly large tree we may need to use up to 100 litres of termiticide to make sure we effectively eliminate the colony.

Will the drill holes kill the tree?

It’s extremely unlikely that the test holes will kill your tree. After the  inspection / treatment of the trees your Clean and Green Termite Manager will fill in the wound/hole with a fungicide so that it has the least possible impact on the tree and stop any unwanted  organisms entering the tree that could potential affect the health of the tree.

treating termite tree infestation

Is this termite treatment effective?

It is always vitally important to have a termite management system in place at your property such a termite monitoring system of a treated zone to protect your property from termites but the answer to the questions is definite yes we have had many cases where we have discover active(live) termites in a house and just by treating and injecting one tree on the property we have rid the house of termites because it gets rid of the problem and its source and is a extremely cost effective option compared to over forms of termite treatments.

example of termite infestation

Termite damaged retaining wall

Treating timber retaining and landscaping walls

Untreated landscaping timber, retaining walls are a favoured nesting site for termites as they provide ideal conditions for termite colony development to help prevent this from happening Clean & Green can treat these areas by injecting horizontally through gaps between the timbers and vertically probing non repellent termiticides into the soil which have a long lasting residual affect thus giving extended life to your un treated timber sleepers.

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