5 DIY Tactics to Chase Possums Away From Your Home

5 diy tactics to chase possums away from your home

Many people think that possums are cute little creatures, but they can be pretty dangerous to your garden and home. As such, if you value any of the two things, then you’ll want to keep possums at bay! 

Possums have sharp teeth, carry diseases, and leave terrible smells near and around your home. If you spot a possum or an entire family of it calling your place home, you should be driving them away immediately.

With that said, if you want to try and get rid of the possums first before having to call pest control for the job, you’re in the right place. Here are a few DIY tactics you can use to chase away possums from your home:

1. The Spicy Kick

Possums aren’t a big fan of the hot and spicy, and this is something you can use to your advantage! Simply create a concoction that contains spicy and hot ingredients like chilli, mustard, or everything else—garlic also works incredibly well! 

Mix all these spicy ingredients thoroughly with some water. Add some dish soap to enhance that “disgust” factor, and then spray the concoction over anything you do not want the possums to munch on.

2. The Quassin Taste

Do you know what Quassin is? It is a resin produced by the Picrasma excelsa tree, and pests loathe it. This makes it a perfect type of wood to sprinkle around the garden to chase away possums. 

Grab yourself a bag full of Quassia bark chips, and spread them around your home and garden. If you’d rather spray something onto the stuff you want to protect, then you can soak a bunch of Quassia bark chips into a bucket overnight to extract the resin.

3. The Sprinkler Scare

Sprinklers, when randomly turned on, can scare absolutely anything. It can scare you, your pet dog, and possums! 

As such, an excellent solution to keep your garden watered while keeping pests at bay is to set up motion-trigger sprinklers in your garden. This way, when the nocturnal creatures move around and pass these sprinklers, the sprinklers will automatically switch on, scaring them away.

4. The Mothball Deterrent

Mothballs are used initially to drive moths away, but they’re also surprisingly effective at chasing possums just the same. 

The mothballs’ smell is just something possums cannot tolerate, and as such, run away when they take a whiff of it. To use this against possums, purchase the smelliest mothballs you can find and place them in enclosed areas.

5. The Molasses Spray Down

While many of us love to eat molasses, the same cannot be said about the stuff and possums. Possums do not like molasses, and knowing this, you can cover the things you want to protect from the pests with molasses! 

To do this, mix molasses with some water and dishwashing liquid into a spray bottle. After that, spray it on the things you do not want to find munched away!


If any of the above DIY tricks worked for you, that’s great! You’ve just saved your home and garden from the damages that possums can bring. However, if none of them works, do not fret. Call up the professionals immediately to come and remedy the issue. Although you will have to pull out some cash from your bank account to pay for their services, knowing that the experts will delve deep into the root cause of the issue and fix it makes the investment worth it. 

After all, your home is your responsibility to protect, and you should do whatever it takes to chase away any pest that puts your house in danger.

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