How to get rid of wasps in and around your home or business

how to get rid of a wasp nest

Wasp removal tips.

Living in the northern beaches chances are you have seen your fair share of  wasps they are everywhere and can be seen throughout the whole year although they tend to be more active and build their nests when the temperature warms up in Spring.

Wasps are a common pest problem in both residential and commercial properties across Sydney.  Below is some general  information about wasps and how you can make your property less desirable to wasps.

How and where do wasps make their nests?

Paper wasps which are very common on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore make their nests by chewing weathered wood and mixing it with their saliva. This soft material is formed into the required shape with their jaws and it dries to a stiff, papery form. A nest consists of a number of cup-like cells, grouped together to form a comb. The comb is attached to a variety of different services they usually like creating there nest under cover away form harsh weather j clean and green have observed wasps nests found in a variety of strange areas such as underneath cars, under taps and even under a fire hydrants to name a few.

Wasps become a problem when they are located in areas around your home or business that are frequently used such as balconies , court yards , entrances etc.If wasps are located in  these areas chance are you will want them removed as they could pose a serious risk to people using these areas. But don’t! Treating wasp yourself can be extremely dangerous and if done incorrectly you have a chance of angering the wasps inside the nest and if they feel threatened at any point this could cause them to sting anyone around as they attempt to defend their nests and young.

Wasps, unlike bees, can sting your multiple times increasing potential danger even more.

The sting of a wasp has certain symptoms including :

  • Stinging pain
  • inflammation.
  • Bumps and or lumps visible on skin
  • Redness surrounding the sting

Preventing and controlling wasps

One of the most effective steps in making your property less attractive to wasp in to reduce any potential food sources for them in your yards. Below find some steps of thing you can do to help limited your risks

Thing you can do to make your home less attractive to wasps and reduce your risk of wasp attack
  • Make sure there is no leaking taps or pooling water around your property
  • Make sure all rubbish  bins and compost bin are securely fastened.
  • If you see a wasp, leave it alone – it will only attack if provoked
  • Ensure children and pets are kept well away for live wasps protecting there nests
  • Moving flowering plants away from the foundations of the building and replanting in garden beds away from the house can help reduce wasps from accidentally entering your property  as most wasps are nectar feeder and if there is no nectar near the entrances of your home  it will reduce the risk of family members being bitten.

Hiring a professional pest controller to remove wasp nests

  • By hiring a professional pest control you reduce the risk of wasp attacking you or family members as wasps will be treated quickly effectively and safely due to the pest control professionals in depth knowledge of wasp and their behaviour as well as having the latest and safest wasp control product and safety equipment to deal with any wasp infestation no matter how big or small.
  • Wasp nest can be extremely hard to find a professional pest manger is trained in effectively locating wasp nest even in the most obscure areas.
  • Wasp treatments are highly effective as they target the specific wasp species and pose to threat to any other non target animals or insects.

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