How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Management Services

How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Management Services

When homeowners and building managers hire pest management services, one of the first concerns comes first—cleaning or pest control. The short answer is, clean first, pest control next. Going in this order enables a sanitary environment for the pest control service. 

If you clean after instead of before pest control, you could wash the chemicals away, defeating the purpose of the treatment. The cleaning you will do depends on the type of infestation you have. Keep reading to learn more about the different cleaning methods to use for each type.


When prepping a room for cockroach treatment, you need to remove clutter. Bathrooms and bathroom drains are especially susceptible to cockroach, spider and fly infestations. Clutter quickly gathers dust and dirt, providing a breeding ground for insects. These also give these pests a place to hide. You can also move furniture away from the walls. You often find pests in inaccessible places like under refrigerators or the back of couches. Moving furniture around ensures that they don’t get to build nests. You should also wipe and clean surfaces, including under and behind large appliances.

External clean-ups involve removing the garbage, mowing the lawn, and disposing of cuttings. Note, though, that you should leave spider webs undisturbed. Keeping webs where they are lets your service providers see where spiders tend to make nests. They can also spray the web with a pest control solution—once the spider comes back to the web, it will die.


When preparing for flea treatments, you must concentrate on cleaning the spaces where your pets stay. Vacuum your carpets and the furnishings where your pets sleep—these often contain flea eggs. Use a suction setting that allows you to pull the pests away without damaging the fabric. After vacuuming, empty the cleaner bag directly into a sealable plastic one and discard it outside your home.

You should also wash pet bedding regularly. Use hot water to kill flea eggs, larvae, and cocoons. Protect your home from cross infection as well—wash beddings, throw rugs, clothing, and all soft fabrics that could have an infection. Finally, be proactive by getting your pets treated for fleas on the same day you will get the property sprayed.


When dealing with ants, remember not to disturb them before treatment. If you spot ant trails or the ants themselves, leave them alone. You can clean other surfaces by wiping them down. Pay special attention to removing food scraps, syrups, and gels like jam or marmalade. You should also clean up outside the house by collecting clippings and trash, disposing of cuttings, and removing garbage from your home.

Bed Bugs

Treating your home for bed bugs involves some washing and preparation. Before the pest management service arrives, you must wash your clothes, shoes, bags, beddings, rugs, curtains, and all delicate items in your cupboards. Use a solution of hot water and eucalyptus oil to keep bed bugs away. Once you’ve washed all these items, place them in a hot dryer or freeze them, and keep them in plastic bags. For the next six weeks after treatment, you would have to wear your clothes in and out of the bags.


When preparing for a pest control treatment involving rodents, you need to clean your home interiors but not remove or disturb the droppings. Cleaning up rodent droppings could release bacteria that causes airborne diseases, and it is best to leave this to pest control experts. You should also clean outside the house by trimming the vegetation and disposing of the cuttings on your premises. Prevent a rodent infestation by limiting the garbage in your home and ensuring you have lids on all the trash bins.


Make the most of your pest control treatment by cleaning your home beforehand. Doing this allows more of the solution to stay on the surface and ensures that it is effective. Also, keep in mind that different pests require different cleaning methods. Whether you have cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, or another pest, though, you would benefit from allowing professionals to handle the situation.

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