Venomous Spider Identification: What You Need to Know

Australia is home to all sorts of dangerous creatures, including some of the most venomous spiders in the world. Fortunately, a lot has been done to combat these spider’s life-threatening bites, and since 1981, there has not been a recorded death from a spider bite. However, this does not mean that the spiders are no longer a problem. They still are, and people still get bit by venomous spiders. 

If you have been bit by a spider, how would you determine if it is dangerous? The only real way other than the symptoms that follow is by identifying the spider. In this article, we will talk about a few dangerous spiders you need to keep an eye out for—ones whose bites will need immediate medical treatment: 

1. The Mouse Spider

mouse spider

Although the mouse spider is not as dangerous as other spiders in this list, it can still cause tremendous amounts of pain. Mouse spiders have a smooth, shiny, and bulbous head. Their legs are also smooth and shiny, and sometimes, their hands will have some form of markings. They are commonly found in burrows, waterways, and sometimes in suburban areas. They are also quite active throughout the day, although they are rarely aggressive. 

2. The Redback Spider

Although not serious to adults, the redback spider can be quite dangerous to children. Although there have been no deaths since the anti-venom was formulated, the bite is still a terrifying experience. Male redbacks are brown in colour, while the females have a distinct red stripe on their abdomen. The females are also quite tiny, measuring 1cm long while the males are half that. Only the female’s bite is dangerous, and they tend to be nocturnal.

3. The Trapdoor Spider

A trapdoor spider’s venom will not necessarily kill anyone that comes into contact with it. However, it will cause nausea and lethargy. They can be found throughout the country, generally in urban environments. As for their appearance: they are bulbous and quite small, measuring only up to 5 centimetres. They live inside their tunnels and are aggressive if threatened.

4. The White-Tailed Spider

white tail spider

The white-tailed spider is not too harmful to humans, although the venom will cause some amount of pain in the area around the bite. These spiders are generally found in urban areas in Southern Australia. They have a white tip at the end of their abdomen and a dark-reddish or greenish body and can measure around 2.8 cm. They are also nocturnal, and hunt other spiders at night.

5. The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

 Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

The most dangerous spider you will find in Australia is the Sydney Funnel-Web Spider. Its venom can cause an extreme reaction, and if you are bitten by this spider, it is important to seek anti-venom immediately. They are around 3.5 cm in size, black to bluish in colour, are shiny, and have large fangs. Their heads are also hairless and shiny. They are quite aggressive when threatened.


If you notice any of the above spiders, be wary of them. Some of them are incredibly dangerous, and if they bite you, seek medical help immediately. Be sure to remember the spider’s description. If possible, take a picture of the spider. That way, you can get the proper medical treatment. 

That being said, if you do see these spiders in the vicinity of your home, contact pest control right away to get rid of them. These professionals will ensure that your home is safe for you and your family to live in.

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