How to Spot Possums in Your Home

If possums are the kings of the night, possum control experts are the queens of the day. For one thing, possums can be sneaky and hard to spot while they’re in your home. They feed on dry food and waste people throw away outside the house. And, as we all know, it’s not easy to spot them in the dark. But spotting possums in your home is crucial for ensuring their safety and yours. You should act fast if you spot any possum activity or signs of possum infestation. Here’s a list of ways to keep possums away from your home and ensure its safety.

Look for Tracks

Possums can cause damage to property in and around the home, including roof eave. To identify and locate possums, look for tracks and droppings. Tracks are visible signs that a possum has visited a particular area. They should be easily distinguished near entry points, like eaves and roof openings.

Possums have sharp claws, so any damage to wood or insulation should also be considered when looking for tracks. If a possum is found, it should be removed safely and sustainably. Many possum removal services in the Toronto area have experience trapping and removing possums from homes.

Watch for Visible Activity

Possums are nocturnal and are most active during sleeping hours. They may be found in urban areas, forests, and farms. Possum removal services can help if possums are causing damage to your property or harming pets or livestock. Possums living on roofs can cause damage, such as chewing electrical wiring or contaminating the area with urine and feces.

They may make a lot of noise, especially with their family and friends. This activity should be monitored to ensure they aren’t causing any harm to the environment or your property. By following these tips, you can help keep possum removal services out of your home and ensure your and the possums’ safety.

Check for Damage

When you are looking for a possum removal service, be sure to ask about a damage check. Possums may cause considerable property damage, so it is essential to determine if the possum problem is significant before hiring a professional. A possum removal service will have the necessary tools and skills to assess the situation and provide a cost estimate for the remediation or removal of possums.

However, confirming the possum removal service’s qualifications is always a good idea before hiring them. With these tips in mind, you can be sure to receive the best possum removal service available.

Inspect Trash Cans

If you spot a possum in your home, there are a few things to look out for. Firstly, look for large piles of freshly-cut leaves or fresh green plants. This is a good indicator that possums may be nearby. Secondly, watch the possum’s movements. They may be on the ground looking for food, in a tree looking for a place to sleep, or even climbing.

You can also observe the possum’s eyes. They may be red, bloodshot, or watery, indicating their level of anxiety. Also, listen to unusual noises. When possums are disturbed, they make clicking sounds with their teeth. Finally, smell the area. When possums feel threatened, they release a strong odor. By taking these simple steps, you can identify and prevent possum infestations in your home.

Listen for Noises

Regarding possum removal, it is essential to be aware of the various signals that possums make on the roof. Possums are nocturnal and are most active during our sleeping hours, making strange noises on the roof.

That means they are usually active between dusk and dawn. To ensure possum removal services are efficient, you must be able to recognize the different sounds possums make. Common possum sounds include scurrying across a roof or floor, mewing, chirping, hissing, squeaking, or growling.

Professional possum removal is necessary to ensure possums are removed safely and humanely. Possums can damage insulation, chew electrical wiring, or contaminate the area with urine and feces. Professional possum removal services should seal entry points and prevent re-entry.

Check for Droppings

If possum removal services are deemed necessary, it’s vital to follow the legalities and thoroughly evaluate the possum’s behavior habits. Possum removal involves the removal of possums from a property using humane methods. These methods involve trapping, removal, or euthanasia as an alternative to poisoning, shooting, or exposure.

The droppings should be checked during removal to ensure the possum is removed successfully. A ladder may be necessary to check for droppings in roof areas, as possum droppings can be quite difficult to spot when high above the ground. Qualified and experienced professionals are needed for successful and sustainable possum removal. They will assess the possum’s environment and health, provide accurate estimates of how long it will take to remove the possum, and develop a plan for removal that is tailored to the individual situation.

Look for Nests

Possum possums are known as the ‘harvest pest’ as they can cause damage to crops, buildings, and other structures. They may also consume large quantities of food, leaving behind droppings, damaged surroundings, and urine stains. Possum possums are nocturnal animals that spend days in the trees. However, possum possums are easy to spot, leaving tracks everywhere.

Possum possums may nest in roof spaces, leaving behind dropstones, damaged surroundings, and urine stains. Pest control companies offer bird removal services as well as possum removal services. Live trapping and relocation of possums are possible without harming the animals. For thorough pest control services for possum removal from your premises, the experts at pest control companies can help you.

Monitor Food Sources

Possums are attracted to food sources such as garbage, pet food, and compost. It is important to monitor food sources for a possum to ensure they are not attracted to an area. One strategy to deter possums from a food source is to cover garbage with a sturdy lid, remove pet food sources, and regularly turn the compost.

If possums persist in your backyard, consider protecting gardens, decks, and porches from the possum. Possum Busters Bird Removal can provide fast, reliable, and guaranteed removal of possums. They guarantee no possum damage after the possum has been removed.

Set Traps

It is essential to contact a professional possum control company if the trap method does not work. Traps may be available for hire from licensed wildlife rehabilitation groups or pest control companies. Remember to block off access points into the roof and provide a possum house if you intend to trap them.

Licenses to trap possums on your property are issued free of charge from National Parks and Wildlife Services offices. Possums are protected in New South Wales, and catching them without a license is illegal. You can try using a possum trap, but this only works if you catch the possum at night. You can also try using an electric shock device, but this isn’t always effective and may cause harm to the possum and people handling the trap.

Call a Professional

If you see many possums around your house, it’s time to call a professional. Possums are skilled at hiding and can be difficult to spot. They’re known for dropping possum poo, leaving tracks, and making different vocalizations. If you suspect you have caught a possum in your trap, don’t try to handle the possum yourself.

Instead, contact a professional for help. This will ensure the possum is adequately treated and receives the care it needs to survive and thrive. Following these steps can reduce the possum populations and protect your property.


If you spot any of the above signs in your yard, it is best to contact a pest control professional. They can do a pest inspection and removal service for you and act quickly to eliminate the problem. A pest control professional can also tell you how to maintain your yard and keep pests away. 

It takes effort from everyone to keep their homes pest-free. At Clean & Green Pest Control Northern Beaches, we offer possum removal that can keep them away. We have skilled and professional pest control technicians who can remove possums and other pests in your area. Contact us at 0477 688 496 to schedule an appointment!