Pest Control For Shopping Centres Our Professional Guide

Pest control for shopping centres

When it comes to shopping centres and retail image is one of the biggest concern for property managers. Because if customers don’t feel comfortable in your premises it reduces the likely hood of them purchasing from your store or providing positive feed back.

You have spent the money and time establishing your image it can be gone in an instant if your pest management is not correctly managed.

In a shopping centre, there are a variety of different vendors such as grocery stores , department stores, butchers, restaurants and cafes , electronic stores , bakeries, and a number of other businesses which can attract pests to your centre which can make it extremely difficult to keep your centre pest free.

Not only do these businesses attract pests into your facility through the products they bring to Their stores  it is also through the waste these businesses produce .When it comes to  pest control for shopping centres Clean & Green Pest Managers has been helping property managers keep their premises pest free for over 20 years.

Common pest harbourage areas in shopping centres

Shopping centres are a prime location for pests such as cockroaches, Rodent and flies as they provide the perfect conditions for these pest to thrive. Such as damp humid areas with a wide arrange of food sources for them to choose from.

Some of the most common areas Pest like to hide out in shopping centres include 

  • Loading docks: These areas provide a great location for pest such as cockroach,  rodents and birds to hide out as there is typically a variety of cracks, crevices and voids  where they can hide out also food items are often kept in the loading dock areas before entering the centre which make them a prime target for opportunistic pest such as rodents 
  • Garbage rooms: Garbage rooms are a key areas of concern with any pest management program in shopping centres as they are a magnet for a variety of pests. Cockroaches, files and rodents this is why it is extremely important these areas are inspected and treated on regular basis to prevent these pest from breeding and harbouring in these areas.
  • Back of house: Behind the scenes of a shopping centre such as service hallways behind restaurants and retail stores can be a common area for pests such as cockroach to hide as rubbish is often stored out the back of the store before it is taken to the bin room this attracts cockroaches which nest in crack and crevices in nearby areas.
  • Food court areas Food court areas are a common area for pests especially German cockroaches as they gather around bin and cleaning stations in the food court scavenging for food when the center closes for the night.
  • Toilets and parent rooms Pest such as cockroach love these wet humid areas and nests within cracks and crevices as well as nest.

How our  Pest control services can benefit your shopping centre 

  • Prevention of financial loss caused by shutdowns  due to  violations.Of health and safety regulations 
  • Reduce your business potential risk of exposure to pest infestations and resolves the problems that cockroaches , flies, rodents and stinging insects can cause.
  • Keep your business compliant with WHS safety regulations and internal quality assurance standards.
  • Meet and exceed third-party audits.
  • Protect your company’s reputation and prevent loss of customer due to bad reviews and negative media.
  • reduce workplace distractions caused by pest activity or sightings .
  • Ensure the structural integrity of your building from pests that can cause serious damage such as rodents and termites
  • Give your staff peace of mind that their work place is pest free 
  • Time to run and grow your business without worrying about potential pest infestations.

Common pest found in shopping centres.

Put simply pests are not good a good look for shopping centres.So  a pest management plan in  place is vital to keep your premises. So when planning 

  • Flies can breed rapidly and can spread contamination to food items , cause disease and leave behind unsafe germs on food preparation areas.
  • Birds can cause serious property damage and pose a variety of health hazards d such as  listeria as well as salmonella which can be transmitted through their droppings as well as mite infested nesting sites.
  • Rodents are known to chew through walls and electrical wiring and pipes which in turn can put your facility at risk , they also can transmit  diseases and harmful bacteria to food by contamination of food preparation areas.
  • Cockroaches can produce a number of allergens that can enhance asthma symptoms and cause other serious allergic reactions.
  • Stinging insect such as wasps send thousands of people to hospitals with possible life threatening allergic reactions annually.

Greener commercial pest control solutions 

Everyone nowadays  is concerned with the environment and the impact of pesticides on our natural environment and areas they visit .Consumers  are now  looking for companies and organisations that are environmentally minded.

 So why not use a environmentally minded company like Clean & Green Pest Managers your commercial pest control needs.We are trusted by the local community due to our eco- friendly ethical approach to pest management.We  are equipped to deal with all the  common pests found on commercial sites like shopping centres and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done in a safe & effective manner.

Commercial Pest Management for Shopping Centres

As discussed above  pests can cause a variety of different issues for shopping centres.

They can  cause major damages to Tenants shops which results in complaints to centre management and dissatisfied customers. which may want to relocate their store meaning a loss of income for the shopping centre.

This is why it’s is so important to be proactive with your commercial pest control obligations for your shopping centres.By taking precautionary tactics you will save a lot of future trouble and prevent costly pest outbreaks in your centre.

Why do Shopping Centres need Pest Control?

We all know the common types of pests such as cockroaches , flies and rodents which are attracted to food areas such as bin rooms and food establishments areas which are plentiful in shopping centres.

If these pests are left unmanaged they have the potential to cause a huge about of damage to costly equipment such as plant rooms, and other  electrical systems that keep the power running for the escalators and elevators that  may be damaged from pest such as rodents  chewing through the wires which could cost the centre hundreds and thousands of dollars  in damages 

Our goal at Clean and Green is to not only control pests for our customers  we also educate our clients on what they need to do their environment to make it less attractive to pests 

Work health safely & Quality Assurance 

Clean and green pest managers health and safety very seriously and operates a Quality system in accordance and compliance with ISO 9001 with formal accreditation as well as haccap management so you know you are compliant.

Save Your Image with Integrated Pest Management

Clean & Green Pest Managers uses as a part of our pest control process but what is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) ? It is an effective and environmentally sensitive-approach to pest Control that relies on a Number of common- sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their relation with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control strategies, is used to manage pest damage by the most economical measure, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the Eco system .

Give Clean & Green Pest Managers a call today to organise a obligation free quote and site inspection today! 

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