A happy ending to a possum removal on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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We caught this beautiful brush tail possum at a local school where he had been living in the roof.

We placed him in a possum nest box close to where he was living which will hopefully be his new home for many years to come. He was released at night because, as a nocturnal animal, possum’s vision is impaired during the day. This greatly reduces unnecessary stress on the animal.

Unfortunately, in our modern built up cities, shelter is difficult to find and possums end up in very precarious locations. They can also be harassed by birds and other animals which can cause even more stress to the animal.

We blocked the entry point to the roof to prevent another possum from moving in.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service “Possum Management Policy” states that:

  • A possum must be released on the property and not more than 150m from the point of capture.
  • The possum must be released against a structure that they can immediately climb such as a tree of a fence.
  • A possum must not be released in an area of identifiable danger where there is a high probability of the possum being killed or injured.

Our possum removal services include:

  • We can remove possums trapped in your roof or house.
  • We find and remove dead possums.
  • We repair the possum holes in your roof to prevent them from returning.

The process to remove possums from an unwanted area may include:

  1. First we inspect the inside and outside of you roof for possible holes that the possum or possums are using to get into your roof and patch them up.
  2. We find out how they are gaining access to your roof, for example, from over hanging branches or electrical / phone wires attached to you house and give you recommendation on house to prevent them gaining access.
  3. We then install a temporary one way exit door into the roof or over the hole which will funnel them out once the possums have left the roof we will come back and remove the door and patch the hole.
  4.  We may also need to use possum traps depending on the situation.

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Northern Beaches Possum Removal Services.

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